I was once chronically ill; I was told I’d have incurable diseases for life. For so many years my whole body felt like it was 120 years old and I ate a great deal of acidity-forming junk food to make me feel good as I was so depressed, suicidally so in the end at my bleakest point. I fortuitously survived a very real attempt to end my physical, mental and emotional suffering. My journey back to health – as well as sanity wasn’t simple, easy, straightforward or quick (I encourage you to read my “About Me” page), it took many years of working on myself and becoming skilled in all facets of health recovery, which encompassed body, mind and spirit.

One of the many things I learned along my way was if you’re in a state of disease, it’s vitally important you put your body into an alkaline state. Why? Well, disease thrives in an acidic environment. Many fish and plants live very well in waters which have pH values around the neutral level which is halfway on the 0 – 14 pH scale, the acidic end of the spectrum begins at 0 – whilst 14 is extremely alkaline. In acidic environments things like parasites, viruses, bad bacteria and degenerative diseases are more commonly discovered. The optimum healthy body, has a blood pH at 7.365, which is slightly alkaline and the body will do whatever it has to in order to continually attain this optimum level to create balance within itself.

However, most people though have incredibly acid-forming lifestyles, both through their continuous negative emotional states and from the food and drink that they consume. Acid is produced in our bodies whenever we are in fear, anger, frustration or experience any other negative emotion. We often then consume acid-forming foods to comfort ourselves as we attempt to tranquilise those feelings making our internal environment even more acidic.

In general, the more acidic your body is, the more serious the illness you are most likely to have. The degree of acidity significantly affects the body’s ability to prevent and/or reverse illness and disease (including such degenerative diseases as Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease). Many other individuals that have severe health challenges almost invariably also have high acidity. Unfortunately, acidity has become a national epidemic that is one of the most ignored or unknown underlying causes of many of the degenerative diseases of the western world.

In highly acidic environments blood struggles to circulate properly and thus creates an extra strain on the heart. It also adversely affects the digestive system and the lymphatic system too. Calcium also isn’t effectively used, whilst blood oxygen levels are much harder to maintain. So basically most diseases will thrive in oxygen poor, acidic environments. I befriended a remarkable lady called Fiona Shakeela Burns on my journey in 2008, who’d recovered from a terminal diagnosis of Cancer twice in her life who abundantly alkaline juiced daily in her recoveries. Here is my inspirational interview with her.

As a coach and therapist I am always working to make peace on client’s limiting beliefs and intense emotional states which produce negative acidic emotions. I always advise those who I treat who are working towards health, to research for themselves the positive effects of alkalising, whilst detoxing yourself emotionally using this kind of work that I practice. The act of doing both reduces the toxicity and acidity which is created through repeatedly held often unconscious negative emotional states caused through trauma and limiting conditioned beliefs, and the consumption of acidic foods and beverages to comfort yourself from those emotions becomes less as you begin to feel more peaceful. It was one of the things that changed my life and that’s why I have written this blog and made the videos.