Part of my work in Clinical Hypnotherapy is in to take clients on a journey to heal things in the past at an unconscious level, I then take them into the future to “future pace” their experience so that the issues that they once had, are not there anymore and greater feelings of freedom, joy, peace and resourcefulness are present instead.

But we can all do this part of going into our future and imagining what we would wish to experience and to be exactly as we would wish to be. It is called many things in many modalities, therapies and teachings. I will simply call it “Being Your Outcome”.

We all enter daydreamy like states and we all pass through this stage when we fall asleep, as at any of these times we are in Alpha, or indeed before deep sleep Theta states of consciousness. These are the ideal times to reprogramme your unconscious mind into creating the life you wish to lead.

We may have well been chastised at school for looking out of a window and half-nodding off, but these experiences are really powerful to manifesting what we would like to show up in our lives. So for as many times as you can and as often as you like, interrupt the old habitual parts of you that say you can’t have what you would like and fall deep into the awareness and experience of through doing this practice more and more you will vibrationally resonate and attract your outcome to you more and more.

My Tai Chi teacher always used to say to me “Where mind goes, energy flows”… So stop wanting it and start being it. Be your outcome.