I’ve been a Birmingham Life Coach for over a decade now now since starting in 2006, and although I don’t live in Birmingham I’m only 30 minutes from the city centre. I’ve also seen clients from all over the West Midlands, Worcestershire and through Skype online all over the world…

Whenever anyone contacts me it’s because they’re not where they would like to be. That may be due to their health, their business, their confidence, their relationship (or lack of one), their family life. So they will always have a goal, an outcome in mind but they have attempted to achieve it by themselves and struggled and then failed. This is where I come in. I use all of my skills not just as a Life Coach, but as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Master, Advanced EFT Practitioner and Enneagram Mentor as well – to undo the limitations people are still holding within their unconscious minds. With focus and will whilst practicing the formula in the below video, you can only succeed. How long it will take is down to your unconscious mind, but I commonly see clients for my “Five Session Package” and they often experience the outcome they have been wishing to experience for so long. Just check out my video testimonials. Occasionally it take slightly longer at 10 Sessions, but if you are 100% committed to changing and becoming ultra focused on what it is you do want, rather than what you don’t – you will also have success.

As long as your outcome is realistic, then this is a formula which will deliver for you every single time. Having said that, I was once told I’d have to live with a chronic eye condition for the rest of my life and I’ve completely cured that. Now me winning next year’s Wimbledon – well yes that is unrealistic. But then, I’m not taking any action towards it, and secondly – it’s not one of the goals I’d love to achieve that I’m being clear about.

That covers 2 of the 4 Steps but in a different order, would you like to know what the other 2 are and the precise order they go in? Ok, then simply click on the 2 minute video below – and all will be revealed!

When you’re done with watching that – consider hiring me as your personal Life Coach for just one Session, then if you think I’m your man, you could have another 4 Sessions for a much reduced rate.

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