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  • 1 Hour Breakthrough Session
  • £147/€177/$197
  • I can help you bust through a phobia or a fear, or assist you to recover from a relationship break-up in just one hour. Or do you feel you have deeper issues and tried conventional talking therapies with limited results, and now know you’d like to go deeper and really permanently change, but are unsure of committing to a “5 Session Package”? Book just one session and see how I work. Then pay just £350/€400/$470 for the remaining four sessions. I blend all I practice after 12 years experience with over 2,000+ clients worldwide, so expect to feel a distinctly positive and permanent shift in your energetic state – and with some individual’s 1 session is all they ever need. All appointments are conducted either face to face or through online video.
  • 5 Session Package
  • £497/€577/$667
  • Whatever it is you’re wishing to manifest and overcome, these 5 individual hourly sessions work to master your psychology and your emotional well-being. Clients receive over £200 of free audios and private YouTube video links which all aid your transformation. By assisting you further in shifting unconscious limitation to achieve results I will often set “homeplay” between the sessions, so our work together deepens and strengthens over time. 99% of all non-chronic issues are very commonly permanently resolved within this time frame. Click this link Testimonials Page to read and watch what former clients overcame in just 5 hourly sessions over a number of months. All appointments are conducted either face to face or through online video.

All international payments are made through www.PayPal.Com using my email address – daniel@danielhill.biz


I assist clients in psychological and emotional transformation, both in person and through the internet in online video calls – either in “1 Hour Breakthrough Sessions” or through my most popular “5 Session Package“.

Whereas traditional approaches such as long-term Psychotherapy and Counselling very often take years – this work often creates the results clients are seeking within a package of just 5 hourly sessions. For chronic conditions such as serious disease or other issues that have been occurring for a great deal of time, I always suggest we work together for at least the “5 Session Package” and then assess the progress a client has made before we’d discuss another possible package.

I also have great success with clients through my “Breakthrough Days”, “Breakthrough Weekends” – as well as “Breakthrough Weeks“. Price on application. These are for those who are in the privilege of being able to afford such services and consist of impactive “Immersive Therapy, Coaching and Mentoring” tailored to meet the individual needs of each client. I’ve worked with athletes, celebrities and stayed in former royal homes.

Corporate Days” most usually consist of Daily Workshops/Training and/or Individual Coaching and Mentoring Sessions to bring the best out of employees, and assist in maximising the capabilities of human resources within a company or organisation. I’m tax deductible – see below.


I don’t recommend that clients travel great distances to work with me in person, as I get such great results working with them via online video throughout the entire world – thus too far away to ever feasibly visit my office. However, if you are absolutely adamant on seeing me in person for 1 to 1 sessions rather than online for weekly, fortnightly or monthly hour long sessions as part of my “5 Session Package”, in the last few years I have welcomed clients who have flown in from Europe to see me. Others have driven many, many hundreds of miles throughout the whole of the United Kingdom.

In these cases I suggest we conduct 5 hours worth of the “5 Session Package” as “Breakthrough Work“, which we split over a couple of days. 3 hours on the first day, and two hours the following day. I can recommend a variety of local hotels from 3 to 5 star that you can stay in for a night (or longer should you wish to extend your stay). I will also happily suggest many local sightseeing opportunities should you decide to make a relaxing break of it in Worcestershire, the adjacent county Shropshire or if like the city, then Birmingham or Worcester which both have an abundance of attractions and historical places of interest. Please email me for more information.


If you are self-employed, or a company director an agreeable amount of “Coaching and Mentoring” is tax deductible (ask your accountant) and so can be put against your business. For those who work in organisations, some clients who see me are refunded the price of their sessions if their company or place of work have financial provisions for training and self-development. Business receipts are available for all.


Most people’s email inquiries and what is discussed in consultations is very similar, so I have done my best to answer those as simply and informatively as I can on my (click this link ) FAQ – “Frequently Asked Questions” page. I have also uploaded over 300+ videos of me doing talks and interviews all over the world, including video testimonials from former clients, so please really do visit all of the pages on this website as well as my (click this link ) YouTube Coaching Channel.

Change is daunting to almost everyone, and if you’ve not changed yet, you’ve not worked with me… It’s due to deep unconscious resistance, the lack of belief that YOU CAN DO IT, the knowledge and right strategies of how to do it, along with the coaching and mentoring down the path to actualising it – in the understanding and awareness that it’s never a straight path from A – B.

As an NLP Master, Advanced EFT Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Life Coach and Enneagram Mentor, and someone who has personally done it by going through hell and back, that is precisely what I am skilled and vastly experienced at helping you overcome in a relatively short time frame, as opposed to the classical therapeutic approach of talking about something consciously in the hope it will change your unconscious mind…

My job is to help you by using many powerful unconscious tools, that work on your unconscious mind, at an unconscious level.

Daniel Hill · Harley Street, London trained and practiced Therapist and Coach working in Kidderminster, Worcestershire, West Midlands, Shropshire, Birmingham as well as nationally and globally using Clinical Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and Enneagram Mentoring