Hypnosis is just a state we all live in to a varying degree, everyone of us can induce many “trance-like states” throughout the day. This is because we all have a past history. Some of those experiences were pleasant ones. Some were not. But every single interaction with another person or persons as well as every experience we have ever had, has shaped our inner world and thus our outer world. Unconsciously we downloaded this information from our environments like a sponge until we reached adulthood. And even when we become adults we are still downloading this information, except less so as we become more rational through having many more resources than we ever did as a child.

The famous Psychiatrist Dr Milton Erickson – the father of modern day Clinical Hypnotherapy (who was at least 50 years ahead of his time) and one of the experts who was studied when NLP was being created once said, “it’s not about getting people into hypnosis, it’s about getting people out of it”. With this he was referring directly to the negative experiences we have endured causing us to develop negative hypnotic trance states that we can become locked in. What I do with all my knowledge, skills and tools is free people from that hypnosis – often not using hypnosis at all in doing so but with other equally powerful methods that work directly on the unconscious mind…

All of the information we have ever downloaded then blends in with our personality, what we were naturally born with – the gifts and pitfalls of our essential nature. It is my belief and experience that our essential nature refers primarily to our Enneagram Type (see my Enneagram Mentoring Page) as well as our Astrological Sun (or more commonly called Star) Sign. You can even go further and look into your complete birth chart and discover where your ascendancy is (your face to the world) and where the Moon was when you were born (this concerns your emotional reactivity to life) as well as much, much more.

With this nature we can always come to more of an understanding and accepting of ourselves, and keep mindfully working towards offering more of the benefits that every personality has in this world which we have all been blessed with. In so doing we can keep going to our opposite tendency of our ego (and keep looking within for what we feel we must egoically experience externally in order to “be”) and shine as brilliantly and brightly as possible bringing our light into the world.

But what about the other “stuff”? The irrational fears, the pains, hurts, angers, sadnesses, guilts and shames we picked up along the way as we journeyed through our formative years as we were raised by those giants on which we placed the faces of God and Goddess from the very moment we came into being…

Most of us have unresolved issues we carry with us from our past. And it’s this which I have become very proficient and an expert at dealing with since 2006.

These days with almost every client (unless they are coming to see me because of a one-off confidence boosting session before a job interview, speech, visit to the dentist or they are wanting to overcome a fear or phobia) I instruct them to make me a “Peace List” of the unresolved issues from their past. I ask that it is written in Bullet Points which has a rating of a 0 – 10 to the side of it. 10 being highest, 0 being that it’s no longer there anymore. This way we can get to work on what has been affecting them throughout their life and begin to use EFT, NLP, Hypnotherapy and other Coaching tools in order to make peace on those issues. Every client I have seen over the years has experienced some relief in the very first session, and it always fills me with happiness when we create those powerful shifts in our sessions together, particularly when the previous conventional talking therapies in which they have tried just haven’t worked for them.

Depending on the level of degree of abuse, neglect, trauma, incidents and negative experiences that a client hasn’t been able to free themselves from, I usually work with individuals from anything from one to six packages of sessions. In Counselling and Psychotherapy an individual can often spend many years and many thousands and thousands of pounds often in vain in attempts to feel more peaceful, resourceful and happier again through consciously seeking to resolve unconscious issues. Not only am I cheaper in the overall picture as clients don’t come for even as half as long because issues clear and they no longer feel the need to return, this work is also easier to process than simply talking about it over and over. Often in doing so, simply re-traumatising the issue as opposed to releasing it and letting it fully go. The fact that I have a vast back catalogue of past clients (see my Testimonial Page and Videos) all very pleased with my services, often saying “this is so much better than Counselling” – is quite simply because it works.

If you do what you’ve always done – you’ll get what you’ve always got. So, if you really want to break out of the hypnosis of your life history, I urge potential clients to invest in at least one session. Then you can be judge and jury for yourself.