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Clinical Hypnotherapy is the use of hypnosis to help an individual to positively change their habits, behaviours, attitudes and emotions in a clinical setting for a therapeutic outcome. It can be used on a vast range of problems and conditions, and the process can be a very enjoyable, cleansing and powerful experience.

If you have ever daydreamed, then you have gone into the trance state of hypnosis so it is a very safe and natural state that we all go into easily several times each day. Every one of us passes through this state each time we go to sleep and wake up. It occurs when we become so engrossed in whatever it is that we are doing, everything else seems to just fade away. When we are watching a film, reading a book or we are travelling somewhere, we all enter this state. 

Have you ever forgotten parts of your journey to your destination? Then the altered state of awareness you have been in, is the same as you experience in Clinical Hypnotherapy. Long before I studied in it and became qualified, I had many misconceptions about hypnosis. I remember being fairly apprehensive about having Clinical Hypnotherapy myself the first time.

The reason was so many of these beliefs had come from watching people like Derren Brown or other stage hypnotists using it for fun. I was concerned I’d be under a spell, and perhaps personal information could be extracted from me, or that I could be made to do things I didn’t want to do. It was then strange to experience that it was just like deeply relaxing in a bath or being on a beach, when I’d had the sensation of losing track of time. I had full control over everything that happened, and knew that if I had wanted to become fully conscious at any point and for whatever reason, I could. 

I also worried that I could fall asleep and not remember what was being said to me. I soon learned that Clinical Hypnotherapy is NOT a general anesthetic! Just as you can recall memorable parts of a conversation, your unconscious mind will remember the important parts of the session, and absorb the positive and beneficial instructions it is given.

“Studies have shown that on average most people’s conscious minds can process between five and up to perhaps up to as many as forty bits of information per second. Your unconscious mind however can literally do BILLIONS! This is why when REAL and LASTING CHANGE takes place it is most usually done at a very deep UNCONSCIOUS LEVEL and that’s why tools that deal primarily with the unconscious mind such as HYPNOSIS, NLP AND EFT have become more and more popular and accepted methods because they GET RESULTS. It’s that SIMPLE!”

“Stage Hypnosis” and Clinical Hypnotherapy are very different. However there are defining commonalities. The first is that the person is WILLING to be hypnotised. Secondly, that whilst in hypnosis, whatever they are asked to do is entirely congruent with them.

 Everyone who goes onstage, and wishes to make a fool of themselves so others will laugh at them, absolutely wants to do it! How often have you seen someone being dragged up onstage or forced in front of Derren Brown? NEVER! Why? Because for it to be effective, the participant has to be willing. Derren Brown and others like him, always choose highly willing subjects for any of their tricks and antics.

 Hypnosis is a tool, nothing more, nothing less. In the right hands it can be extremely effective in creating empowering, therapeutic and lasting change.

Here’s an analogy which may help you understand a little more. If your mind were a computer, then the programs running from the hard drive would represent your unconscious mind. Your conscious mind would be the ram, and then the processor would be the speed and intelligence at which your mind works. 

The beating of your heart, the blinking of your eyes, the hairs that are growing right now on your body and the beliefs, habits and behaviours that you have about everything and anything are ALL being controlled by your unconscious mind. It is there to protect you, to nurture you, to keep you healthy and alive.

Sometimes though, what it repeatedly does for us is not always desirable. You may have tried to change consciously before, but just ended up being driven to do exactly what it is you actually don’t want to be doing! That’s because you were consciously trying to change something that is deep within your unconscious mind. 

What we experience in our lives, with our five senses, is then filtered through the beliefs and concepts that are stored deeply at this level.

 So when unwanted habits and behaviours keep repeating in people’s lives, there’s very usually actually nothing wrong with our minds. It’s just that the programs we’ve been running on our hard drives need updating, as they are no longer serving us to our best ability. 

Clinical Hypnotherapy allows clients to make those changes, regain control and have choice back in their life

Daniel Hill – Birmingham Talk, England · April 2012

(90 Minutes & 7 Video Playlist)

Subjects Covered :

  • Just How Powerful Is Hypnosis?
  • Just How Powerful Is The Unconscious Mind?
  • Beliefs And Past Experiences Can Be Changed With The Use Of Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • Just How Specifically Can Our Core Beliefs Positively And Negatively Affect Us?
  • Past Negative Experiences Can Create “Limiting Beliefs” About Ourselves And The World Around Us

Past Life Regression Hypnosis Sessions – £100

Whether you seek such sessions out of personal intrigue, for therapeutic effect or both, I have a vast experience of this particular aspect of hypnosis professionally as well as personally. I have a very open mind on the phenomena and an avid interest in the field. Over the many years I’ve been working as a Clinical Hypnotherapist I have practiced many one-off sessions for clients who have had the hour bought for them as a gift from a partner, friend or family member, or for individuals who have come purely because they wished to experience the process.

Should you wish for it to be recorded as most people do, I always suggest you bring along a mobile phone and record it as a “voice memo” as all modern phones have that function built-in.

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