Can I Purchase Your Five Session Package After I Have Just One Session?

Yes. I simply stipulate that the balance for the remaining amount on the package of sessions must be paid between the time frame of immediately after the first session, and before the start of the second session. Visit my fees page here – http://danielhill.biz/booking-sessions/

Can You Help With Anything?

Yes, I believe so. In the many years I’ve been working with well over 2,000 clients either in person, or over the internet I’m yet to find an issue that I couldn’t help with by either eliminating it or by making it radically more comfortable. If you have a question about a specific issue, then please just email me… Having started my practice in 2006, I’ve now so much experience with working with so many psychological and physiological issues. Almost everything “negative” that occurs for us in our lives either psychologically or physically has a deeply unconscious emotional root cause. That is because the unconscious mind is protecting us from ever experiencing the same kind of pain we either sensed in a past trauma, or the pain we believe we would experience if we lived life in a way that we are not currently living, which we learned through our conditioning in childhood or our early adult life. Sometimes it’s both past negative traumas of all magnitudes as well as limited conditioning experiences together, however all of what I practice aids the mind to work for us in more and more positive and beneficial ways so we can overcome our fears and ego limitations and live life more fully and abundantly. The unconscious mind is the most powerful tool you will ever handle. So consider this work an investment in yourself for the long term. If you change you mind, you change your life… It’s that simple.

Are The Skype And Internet Sessions That You Offer Nationally and Globally Just As Effective As Seeing You In Person?

Yes. In my experience working over all internet video platforms for 10 years now it is equally as successful as when I work one-to-one in person. A huge part of my practice is online these days as my videos attract clients from all over the world, and not just in countries where English is spoken as the first language. A lot has to do with having rapport, trust and the client being dedicated and ready to overcome any limitations and making a time and space for that. Once clients have made that commitment, both mediums of communication when working over distance are just as effective. Personally I do prefer using video calls to the telephone and simply voice calls, as I like to read my client’s body language and the client can see mine also, however I have worked over the telephone and still had great results and success.

I’ve Got A Specific Issue And I’d Like To Know If You’ve Had Success In Working With It?

The tools, skills and techniques that I use all work to radically diminish or banish negative unconscious emotions which are behind the labels of unconscious issues that have manifested into problems and conditions. I have assisted well over a 2,000 clients locally, nationally and globally so have worked with an absolute multitude of cases thus I have vast experience, so it’s more than likely I have. If I haven’t I’m always looking anyway just to work with the lack of peace within someone which almost always relates to physical, mental and emotional health problems. Often when issues regarding fears of the future and disturbances relating to the present and from the past are addressed, clients feel happier and more relaxed and conditions and problems begin to fade and problems, conditions and issues begin to heal.

So in essence, I have learned not to work with the label that someone has been diagnosed (or self diagnosed) with, instead I work with the lack of peace in someone and I often ask clients to write out a “Peace List” of issues from the past, and present whilst noting any future issues also. We then begin to work on addressing them individually. Often when you work on the major issues on the “Peace List” it has a knock on effect in reducing the lesser issues as we work through the list.

I’m Interested In Breakthrough Days And Weeks/Corporate Work, Could You Please Tell Me Some More?

I have worked with many people dedicating full days and occasionally full weeks to overcoming issues and addressing them. We work similarly to how I practice in a clinical setting with the exception that often these packages are carried out in clients homes where they feel safer or they cannot travel for whatever reason. You of course get 100% personal attention and we dedicate the time to achieve as much personal change and transformation as possible in our time frame. I encourage all prospective clients interested in such a service to email me to discuss this in more detail.

Corporate work mostly consists of Daily Workshops/Training and/or Individual Coaching and Mentoring Sessions to bring the best out of employees and assist in maximising the capabilities of human resources within a company or organisation. If you email me we can discuss this in an “Hour Consultation” where I will refund you the cost of the hour should you wish to book anything with me.

How Should I Pay You?

Local clients pay me via cash or bank transfer.

National UK clients pay me via bank transfer.

International clients through PayPal.

Is NLP Safe?

Yes, in the same way as traditional counselling and psychotherapy is. NLP draws from so many fields but simply offers many interventions and strategies to positively challenge and remap someone’s model of the world by detecting and then overcoming the limitations within a client’s unconscious mind.

Is EFT Safe?

Yes absolutely and not only is it safe but it is also very simple to use on others and yourself once you learn the technique. I have used it on anything and everything, from a 2 year old girl (see my testimonial page) to a 90 year old man. We know acupuncture is very effective and now is even offered on the National Health Service in the United Kingdom for pain relief. Emotional Freedom Techniques literally taps into that power as we address issues that disturb us. It’s like a mix of Counselling, Life Coaching, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Acupuncture and NLP all rolled into one!

Can Anyone Be Hypnotised?

In my experience – yes. But only if they wish to be hypnotised. Sometimes clients are unsure or worried about whether they want to have hypnotherapy with me or not. If they are concerned, I usually only treat them with EFT, NLP, Life Coaching and Enneagram Mentoring which is equally effective. EFT and NLP are particularly as powerful as Clinical Hypnotherapy – but just haven’t been in the public consciousness in the same way for as long. However, I encourage you to click on both of those pages on my website and the embedded videos to see how they work in overcoming limitation.

Do You Give Refunds?

No. I am paid for my time just like any traditional therapist or professional is. Clients who purchase either a single session or a package of sessions are committing themselves to positive change and the non-refundable session or package they have purchased. I work to the absolute best of my ability in providing assistance in the creation of other’s outcomes knowing that clients who experience such transformation are advertisements for my work. Many new clients come as recommendations and referrals from previous ones who I have had success with. You must treat sessions as if they are the most important business meetings you have ever arranged. Why? Because if you turn up and engage fully in them – they will permanently and positively change your life forever.

Do You Practice Matrix Re-Imprinting?

Yes I do. I am also very familiar with Robert Smith’s “Faster EFT” method and keep up to date on all of the latest advances that come from EFT and other meridian therapies. I have also studied Dr Tad James’ “Time Line Therapy” and a whole host of other unconscious tools and methodology that take you back to the past to resolve issues as well as take you forward in time to future pace their effect in your life which all are just as powerful in their own right.

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

Every human being is different so everyone responds differently. I have helped some clients to resolve lifelong, chronic, debilitating phobias in less than an hour, sometimes 40 minutes – however other clients have required a few more hours for exactly the same phobia, when treating them in precisely the same way. As a coach, therapist and mentor I have learned to become incredibly flexible in my approach with individuals. My belief and philosophy is that no one is “unfixable” although paradoxically I don’t see it as my aim to fix anyone. What I do is help to optimise a person’s choices in life by giving them a variety of states of consciousness so they can choose to think differently. It is down to you to determine how committed you are to changing and how many sessions you’d like to invest in.

For me, my life and health had become so bad I had set my goal as health and happiness being an absolute must. Anything less, and I was cheating myself out of the ability to be who I truly was and ultimately the cost of doing that for the remainder of my life wasn’t comparable to the financial investment I needed to make to overcome my limitations. I chose to do that with the aid of someone who was expertly qualified, experienced and someone I trusted who’d lived through great challenge and used these tools to conquer their fears and lead the life they truly wished to be leading.

So in brief, to answer that short question of “how many sessions will I need?” – simply until you feel you don’t need them or wouldn’t benefit from them anymore…

In cases of long term physical and mental health conditions I always recommend a minimum of five sessions to begin with but to expect to invest in more which can be assessed as regards to how you feel you are progressing.

Do You Really Think You Can Help Me?

Yes I do. Almost all clients at first feel that their own particular issues are more significant than other people have, and that although they are aware that other people respond well to the approaches I use, and that these tools and therapies couldn’t exist unless they benefited others, often because they feel that their problem has been with them for such a long time, it will somehow be deeper and thus more permanent.

Each and every individual’s brain is capable of neuroplasticity, which simply means it has the ability to reorganise itself by forming new neural connections throughout its life and thus can literally remap itself. All that I practice with others and have used extensively on myself disrupts the old limiting neural-cortical pathways in your mind so that you don’t automatically go into the same old familiar unconscious pattern you have been used to. Each night we grow millions and billions of these new pathways as the brain literally re-calibrates its life experience.

Change can happen over time with most people even if they don’t seek any kind of psychological help, and very occasionally individuals are able to eventually let go of their old unconscious habits and behaviours as their brain realises that it will only lead to more pain if they continue to do that pattern and they realise there are other less painful and potentially more pleasurable options and choices available to them.

When clients commit to coaching, mentoring and therapy with me that process is powerfully and incredibly increased and suffering can be overcome faster, quicker, more effectively and measurably. On a specific issue that would often take a person years or decades by working through it by themselves – it can sometimes be bust through in just one hourly session.

Is Hypnotherapy And Hypnosis Safe?

Hypnosis is tool, nothing more and nothing less and all tools can be used either positively or negatively. I’ve never been particularly drawn to hypnotist’s stage shows, I have always only ever personally been interested in the therapeutic aspect of using hypnosis for healing and producing positive effects which is why it is called Hypnotherapy. My qualification and expertise is in Clinical Hypnotherapy as I provide therapeutic hypnosis for positive change in a clinical setting.

We all slip into an unconscious hypnotic state each and every night when we fall asleep, and so a great deal of Hypnotherapy is about relaxing a client down to that level without them actually falling into deep Delta sleep. When we are at the levels of either Alpha or Theta we are profoundly more suggestible to unconscious command than in our waking Beta state and also in altered awareness where deep work can be done to clear inner unconscious conflicts. You’ll only work with the resolution and take on the suggestion and work we do if it’s in alignment with your wishes. You can only make someone do something they actually want to do. It’s that simple.

People that are used for stage hypnosis and Derren Brown-like TV programmes are highly suggestible individuals who make fabulous “hypnotees”. In my experience about 10% of the population are very suggestible and about 1% of the population are very highly suggestible and it’s those people that are used. The majority of us thus fall into the 90% category, however that still means hypnosis can be used positively, but generally more work and sessions are needed to produce the necessary change.

I have been using Clinical Hypnotherapy successfully with thousands of clients now for many years, as I have also used it extensively on myself through either listening to my own recordings, or the recordings of others as well as personal Clinical Hypnotherapy sessions which I’ve invested in with fellow Hypnotherapists. It’s safe, effective and something that’s been around for decades because of those very reasons…