“Messages From The Body – Their Psychological Meaning” by Dr Michael J Lincoln is a thoroughly comprehensive bible of almost every physical disease, ailment and complaint that can affect a human being of any age. It retails at $129.00 and I also own three of his other books on healing, addictions and allergies similarly priced at $69 and $39 respectively, and so are the most expensive books I have ever purchased whilst being some of the most referred to. However, “Messages From The Body” is the most used due to its very detailed and intricate information on each physical and mental health condition. It gives a breakdown of the deeply unconscious root causes of each of those physical and emotional manifestations as well as offers a guide to healing from them whilst giving a thorough explanation of how the disease or ailment has developed from trauma and/or conditioning.

Our unconscious minds are so very powerful that when we have incurred painful or limiting conditioned experiences in our life, it operates constantly to protect us from ever experiencing that pain again and/or attempts it’s damnedest to keep living in accordance with our early boxed conditioning. The work I do is to assist my clients in the letting go of those emotionally charged memories and limiting beliefs, leaving them with a personal learning at the end of the release about themselves and their world that will ultimately serve them much more positively for the future. Dr Lincoln teaches us that if we don’t do that and we hold onto the pattern of negative emotions which our minds have been running for a quite a period of time, that continuous high level of unease can contribute to the creation of a disease (or dis-ease if you chose to hypenate the word).

He explains how a lack of Dopamine (commonly seen in patients suffering from Parkinson’s Disease) is significantly related to “joy-deprivation” for example and how their realities are so controlling that they “don’t dare let go”, as they attempt to “overweeningly desire to control everything and everyone about every aspect of every issue, situation and undertaking.” Thus taking the joy out of life as the brain is stuck in such a controlling and fearful mindset constantly. But health recoveries are possible from all illnesses, click on the video underneath to see an Australian man who has cured himself of Parkinson’s.

Also explained is Norepinepherine and how it is elevated by fear and/or rage, Endorphines are lowered by love-deprivation and Serotonin is lowered by status-deprivation and powerlessness-induction. I learned a long time ago during my studies that the greatest pharmacy in the world is the one in our unconscious minds. The varying positive and negative emotional states we go into on a daily basis are creating these chemicals within our minds, and the beliefs we hold about ourselves and the world around us create the ongoing production or non-production of these chemicals.

Dr Michael J Lincoln’s in-depth analysis concerning each particular psychological lack of ease within each disease helps to build the complex unconscious belief systems that my clients hold about themselves and their worlds that surround them. My role as their Coach and Therapist, is always to gain rapport with their unconscious and work on resolving the past traumas and limiting conditioned experiences which have manifested into limiting beliefs. When that has been accomplished, I respectfully, patiently and playfully work to create as much ease as possible into my clients neurology by creating new more positive and resourceful beliefs. In doing so “dis-ease” begins to have much less of a hold in their lives as symptoms begin to lessen, and the road to recovery then becomes a very well-trodden path.

Since having been in practice since 2006, I have treated so many conditions and assisted so many clients going through all manner of health challenges and Dr Lincoln’s book has always been a much valued resource to guide my clients along the healing journey. I always stipulate they must continue to take 100% responsibility for their health and symptoms, to continue to see their Doctor or Licensed Health Care Practitioner and continue to take any prescribed medication. But as beliefs change, our biology can also change and as Therapists and Coaches we are rightly not allowed to market our services as “cures”. But when you change your unconscious core beliefs for the better – you change your life for the better and that can mean, in financial, relationship and career terms – just as much as your health.

As an inspiring last note on this subject and to prove what is possible I’ll leave you with this video playlist. In 2008 I met the amazing Fiona Shakeela Burns, who has recovered from a terminal diagnosis of Cancer twice in her life – and she attributes changing her beliefs and overcoming trauma as one of the key aspects to recovering her health.