1 · The Prophet ~ Khalil Gibran · the first of my top ten best reads is still as relevant today as when it was first written 91 years ago. It is spirituality for beginners as well as for masters. Beautiful simplicity. Its wisdom literally drips off each page, it’s like holding a sacred text, perhaps that’s because it is, even though it’s not called the Bible, Torah, Quran, Popo Vu, Tao Te Ching or the Bhagavad Gita

2 · Bruce Lee · Fighting Spirit ~ Bruce Thomas · a real insight into the enigma of a legend who is still revered well over 40 years after his passing, having only made a handful of films before his early death. It’s a huge book which read in 3 days, something I never normally do. I felt I got to really know him personally and by the end of it, understood he was totally responsible for his early death. He’d adopted the habit of eating Cannabis cookies to relax him – and ate too many of them. He had a warning in a collapse a few months earlier and it was then that his Doctor told him to stop eating them. He was most likely an Enneatype 8 who just couldn’t switch off the need to be the leader. The book concludes that he died by poisoning himself with them as his stomach couldn’t digest the cannabis, such was the quantity he consumed. It’s a brilliant book, and sadly and I feel truthfully, paints how he was a pioneer, incredible martial artist, as well as quite a tortured soul

3 · The Healing Code ~ Dermot O’Connor · Dermot healed himself of an aggressive form of Multiple Sclerosis using NLP, EFT, Chi Kung, acupuncture and diet. This book was such an inspiration when I was travelling to London for a whole weekend every month for 18 months as I trained in NLP, EFT and Clinical Hypnotherapy. As I was healing myself of a so-called “incurable” disease within my body I felt well if he could do it with M.S which will kill you, I can do it with just M.E. The quote on the front cover is by Paul McKenna who helped him

4 · Tuesdays With Morrie ~ Mitch Albom · As retired Professor Morrie Schwartz was courageously dying of ALS/Motor Neurone/Lou Gerhig’s Disease and was still going on national TV every few weeks which went out all over America, Mitch his old student decides to finally visit him after 17 years. I utterly sobbed my heart out – it is outstandingly profound and touching and very, very positive, as he teaches Mitch how to change his life for the better. One of his best quotes was “when you know how to die, you know how to live”

5 · Why I Survive Aids ~ Niro Markoff Asistent · in 1985 Niro tested positive for HIV and was diagnosed with AIDS. She’d been infected by her partner, Nado, who was unaware that he was carrying the virus. While she’d been completely denying her condition, the symptoms of the disease had already been ravaging her body for at least a year. In reaction to her diagnosis, she went from deep numbness to extreme rage. Ultimately, she eventually surrendered, and accepted the unacceptable – her death. In that instant, she recognized that she could no longer pretend that she was not personally accountable for her physical condition. She says “I will always be grateful to my Doctor for admitting that there was nothing he could do, because his honesty forced me to take responsibility for my own life.” She’s very much still alive and striving

6 · The Wisdom Of The Enneagram ~ Don Richard Riso/Russ Hudson · this book transformed how I not only now see myself now but how I see others. After being brought up Methodist Christian in my early years 0-14 years, I became Agnostic thereafter. I was Buddhist for a while in my 20’s, then Taoist in my 30’s, before it finally allowed me to just simply accept I was a Spiritual Being having a human experience and my Enneatype 6/5 ego which was based in the need for security was here to help me evolve and not cause me suffering, just like it is for everyone else. Compassion is in the heart not the head and this is where liberation is found too

7 · The Work We Were Born To Do ~ Nick Williams · not knowing what to do with my life and how to do it in my early 30’s, Nick’s book was a Godsend in as much as it kept me on track and kept me believing in the certainty I had this purpose I live now and that only through finding and realising this life I would ultimately conquer my own sufferings and find my life purpose. When I was really lost, just looking at the embossed blue letters on the spine surrounded by gold stood out on my bookshelf calling me to trust my gut… He travels the world with his message and is a great teacher and author

8 · The Highly Sensitive Person ~ Dr Elaine Aron · I am an HSP and I now have a Doctor in Elaine to prove it, I am normal except just very highly sensitive… I even had a therapist ex-girlfriend who said I was “too sensitive” to which I replied as “I’m not too anything, I’m just highly sensitive”. We lasted one more weekend and it was a great lesson in accepting myself and letting people go who criticise you…

9 · Practising The Power of Now ~ Eckhart Tolle · much more readable and less heavy than his first book simply called “The Power Of Now” – this book is simple, precise and accessible. A lot less “mind-y” than the first book which I’ve always found heavy going personally (Eckhart can be forgiven he is an Enneatype 5 after all), this book teaches you practices to help you to escape the mind and focuses greatly on “presence” and “being” and how to access it daily

10 · The Five Love Languages ~ Gary Chapman · this was transformational in regards to it helping me to understand why I often felt so unloved as a child as well as why certain relationships I have had worked and why others did not. Simply put, we all show love as in Acts of Service, Gifts, Physical Touch, Quality Time and Words of Affirmation. Each of us prioritise these “languages” differently. If you find out your partner’s or child’s primary first and second and even third “Love Language” they’ll be very indeed, and be more encouraged to want to meet yours too