What’s An NLP Session Feel Like?

NLP Coaching (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is a sensory communication model and an alternative approach to Psychotherapy that uses language, processes and other methodology to produce personal change. It was developed in the 1970s by co-creators Dr Richard Bandler and linguist John Grinder, after studying and then modelling many outstanding therapists and authorities on human behaviour at the time. Notably these were Dr Milton Erickson (Clinical Hypnosis), Virginia Satir (Family Systems Therapy), Dr Fritz Perls (Gestalt Therapy) and Gregory Bateson (Anthropology).

NLP has grown popular in many areas of life other than that of Therapy from where it originated and today its models and tools have been used widely in advertising, sales, business communication, management training, teaching, executive coaching and motivational seminars.

Like Clinical Hypnotherapy and EFT, it works positively to alter the beliefs that we have in our unconscious minds that may be hindering us from health, happiness and reaching our full potential. It helps to uncover our limitations and find new ways to be and act in the world that ultimately will allow us to do things more happily and give us even greater feelings of peace and personal power. Click on this Wikipedia link for more details.

“To me NLP is not a therapy where you go in and repair a person – that’s not what this is about, NLP is about optimising the life of a person by giving them a variety of states of consciousness, and a variety of ways to think so that they have choices.” – Dr Richard Bandler (NLP Co-Founder)

Our unconscious minds are continually attempting to get us to experience deeply core positive states on a daily basis, through all of our behaviours and habits. Our personality is even made up of a tendency to have one of these states as our core modality in operating within the world. How healthy and balanced this is in our unconscious, determines how happy and well we are in life.

What Is NLP? Dr Richard Bandler Interviewed About NLP On BBC Radio 2 · May 2012

Here is an edited transcript from that BBC Radio 2 Jeremy Vine Show which encompasses key points about NLP…

Dr Richard Bandler : We grow every night millions and billions of neural-cortical pathways in our brain, so that whenever anything repeats itself it has go down that exact train – be it ever so microscopically. If you alter that so it doesn’t do it automatically, then it interrupts the pattern and you stop doing it automatically. When we have any traumatic experience (or come from a dysfunctional and thus limiting belief environment) – the feelings, the part of your brain called the endemic nervous system, those are the connections between all of your organs, they literally have cortical connections between them and are connected to the brain stem and when you’re seeing certain things and you produce these feelings (they) rotate in certain directions. Psychologists sometimes calls these things emotions, I sometimes think that they are confused about what are physiological responses and what are cognitive emotional responses.
Jeremy Vine : Some scientists say that Neuro-Linguistic Programming is not supported by scientific evidence at all.
Dr Richard Bandler : Are those social scientists or REAL scientists?
Jeremy Vine : Well they’re scientists without an adjective before the word scientist!
Dr Richard Bandler : Well it makes a BIG difference!
Jeremy Vine : Does it really?! (JV laughs)
Dr Richard Bandler : To me real science is that you could take 20 people who are terrified of elevators and and then 20 minutes later they can ride up and down without fear, to me that’s a measurement. It’s not whether or not statistically it can be repeated by someone who doesn’t know how to do it…

Daniel Hill Interviewed About NLP In The U.S.A On Skype With Media Host Mia Saenz

As an NLP Master Practitioner, I consistently use it within the framework of every aspect of how I communicate and listen with clients, be that in my Clinical Hypnotherapy, Coaching or EFT work. I also use the many interventions and methods that have been developed upon over the years, and borrow from many of the top Coaches who I have studied, watched, listened to and participated with since my journey began many years ago. Such authorities are the likes of Anthony Robbins, Dr Richard Bandler, Robert Dilts, Michael Neill, Dr Robert Holden, Jay Haley, Nick Williams, Dr Elaine Aron, Lynn Robinson, Dan Millman and Dr Wayne Dyer to name but a few.

An NLP Intervention Session To Overcome A Fear Of Flying (with Testimonial)

Lastly here is the world’s leading Life Coach, the inspirational Anthony Robbins performing a rapid NLP intervention on a man who had been stuttering for over 28 years. I use this technique along with a host of others I have learned from his books, audios and seminars to create unconscious change, at a deep unconscious level. Although these types of interventions require a great deal of rapport and trust, they are very much possible and is why NLP is often seen to promote 5 to 10 minute wonder cures where people shift their consciousness very quickly and overcome lifelong challenges almost instantly. NLP enables us to access our most deepest beliefs that seem permanently set within our unconscious minds whether created by trauma or conditioning, and literally liberates them from their old, unresourceful pattern and re-programmes a new one.

Conquering Stuttering · Rapid NLP Intervention with Anthony Robbins

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