I’ve given the double murder case of O.J. Simpson’s ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman on June 12th 1994 much attention these last few weeks. It’s partly because it’s made the media spotlight again since Cuba Gooding Jnr stars as him in the latest 10 part TV series, which is now currently on the US cable FX channel as well as BBC 2 and BBC iPlayer in Britain. Also Adrian Boniardi who lives in Los Angeles, who I made one of my Inspirational Stories videos on is playing a Detective in it, in a non-speaking role.

In my opinion, with OJ Simpson we have a highly unevolved example of a very deceptive Enneagram Type 3, who functioned at a very low level of psychological health whilst giving almost everyone, except particularly his ex-wife, the appearance of “I have it together and nothing to hide”. The vice or passion for 3’s is deception, it is there to overcome feelings of worthlessness and to appear valuable so others will love, approve of and respect them. With an ego fixation on vanity, Simpson is quite the sociopath. The evidence alone to his guilt was and still is insurmountable, and with the terror of going to jail, possibly receiving the death penalty along with the public’s perception of him changing very negatively, he was close to committing suicide in his friend Robert Kardashian’s home, as well as in the legendary white Ford Bronco as it was chased down the freeway followed by masses of police cars, just before he gave himself up and was eventually arrested.

Yet in between after he’d been found not guilty in the criminal court, but before the successful civil court case brought by the Goldman family, which ruined him financially and was the start of his demise, he was making videos about the case and putting forward arguments as to why he was innocent. He looks like he could have made a successful career in the media he is so good on camera, never fluffing a line and looking every bit cool, accomplished and masterful. But to me he exudes quite atypical unhealthy 3 narcissist behaviour in these videos, attempting to deceive viewers that he is the victim in all of this, in the hope more people will believe him…

The recent ABC 20/20 programme which included a montage of the most revealing moments in the deposition videotapes recorded in that civil trial which ended in February 1997, just over 2 years later are quite insightful. Where as he was never questioned in the criminal trial, here he had to sit through 121 hours of questioning for the first time about every aspect of the case. Apart from the denial of beating his wife who called 911 on countless times in utter fear of her life, and the photographs put to him of her bruised and battered face, the most compelling evidence surrounds the blooded footprints found at the scene, which were made from some rare size 12 Italian shoes. They were never found and Simpson denied ever owning a pair even though he wore size 12’s, yet those “ugly-ass” shoes as he called them, were on his feet in photos of him in the National Enquirer taken 9 months before the murders. If you watch the video below from 28:45, his eyes become as wide as dinner plates when he is shown the photos. “That’s me in the photos, but I didn’t have those shoes on!” he allegedly says. Deceiving even himself, knowing those were the murderers shoes… Eventually something like 25 other photos were found of him wearing those shoes. He thus lost the civil case and hugely financially after he was found “legally responsible” for the deaths of both his ex-wife Nicole and Ron Goldman. Such is the often injustice of “justice”, but law of Karma, he is now behind bars for armed robbery where he has been since the Autumn of 2007. However, he is up for possible parole next year. For 101 pieces of evidence that went against him click here.

As much as I’ve had an interest in criminology partly through my own Enneagram type, I am a 6 “Questioner”, with an accentuated “Investigator” motivated 5 wing, blended with my own experiences of being on the receiving end of criminality in my childhood which these tools, therapy, coaching and mentoring have all assisted to help shift my consciousness on, what I’m really interested in is giving examples of healthy and unhealthy examples of Enneatypes. The loss last year of Wayne Dyer, the highly successful spiritual author and speaker brought home to me just how much of an evolved, and very much loved example of an Enneagram Type 3 he was after I spent much time deeply researching him at the end of the summer, after he passed away aged 75. At the end of his life, he was living very simply, giving away almost everything he had, having spent a lifetime working on himself, he very much appeared to have found a great deal of inner peace and love. He had recovered his health and cured his Leukemia through non-conventional means, attributing it to issues he needed to resolve from early childhood which saw him raised in an orphanage in Detroit until he was 10. His appearance throughout his life became increasingly authentic and very real. His legacy and teachings are aplenty; in those he will live on.

The lesson is always, whatever the outward the appearance, the true measure of our psychological and spiritual growth is an inward and personal one. We should only discern within ourselves how evolved, healthy and balanced we are. And that measure is very often how much peace, authenticity and self-love we feel right now.