I don’t sell cures. It is wrong for anyone to use such terminology in my line of work, however I have successfully assisted a great deal of drug addicts in the last 8 years of being in practice to finally and fully kick their habit. I never make big promises and offer quick fixes, I always promote that we work together on making peace on the past as well as create a powerful aversion to whatever they are addicted to. How long that takes is up to their unconscious mind. You wouldn’t expect someone to just have just one session and be radically cured of a serious long-term disease (although it’s not implausible), addiction is the same it’s just a different kind of dis-ease – and yes I have hyphened that word deliberately…

When I see the money Peaches must have had at her disposal it is sad as I or someone else like me could have so helped that girl over a lengthy period of time, offering support, mentoring and therapy along the journey to happiness and wellness and finally being “clean”… I know she had been really attempting to quit for the last 2 years but without addressing the trauma of losing her mother at such a young age whilst also being relatively emotionally distant (from what I have read) from her father, I believe she constantly carried those driving forces which she felt she had to anaesthetise – unfortunately in her case her addiction was heroin and it killed her.

Rest in Peace Peaches, may your family heal the pain of your loss X

Peaches Geldof died of her drug addiction to heroin – Newspaper Headlines · BBC News