I have created the picture above to show ten good reasons of why practicing gratitude is good for us. Life is in our hands – and so is our future. We are the creators of our own destiny, regardless of how bad our past may seem and how hurt and messed up we may think we are, we can all consciously create a better present experience for ourselves. In doing so through the simple practice of being grateful everyday in as many ways as we can conjure, we can condition our reality to become a more enjoyable and appreciative one.

Here are five simple practices we can all do…

Appreciate nature – through getting outside and into the elements whatever the weather, we can appreciate the great cycle of life and how it is always happening regardless of who, what or where we are. Wildlife, the sky, trees, plants and flowers are always there in some form or another. They gift us such wonder and often we overlook these basic gifts life has offered us and continues to offer us. They are great examples of how change is a constant, ever flowing, changing form and always in some stage of infinite intelligence and beauty.

Appreciate people – we cannot survive without one another. Someone has designed and made the transport you use, they have made and prepared the food to be on shelves for you to purchase. Friends and family are often overlooked as to what they offer us until they leave our lives. Saying often how that person makes you feel either to yourself or to that person can be tremendously heart-warming.

Appreciate your health – even if you are sick and unwell, or are dying of a Terminal Disease (I saw this first hand with my father) the conscious conditioning of being grateful for what you do have will bring you more into the now, so that your present moment feels more abundant than lacking. When we focus on what we have, more than what we don’t have – we are cultivating more tranquility, inner peace and joy which has been proven in countless studies for being great in both our physical and mental health.

Appreciate your senses – the phrase “you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone” springs to mind here. Imagine for a moment if you lost one or more of your senses. What would life be like for you then? What challenges would you face and what would you no longer be able to experience that you can right now? Through regularly acknowledging the gifts of our senses, it allows us to experience the world fully and abundantly as we become more grateful for all that we have.

Appreciate your life – you may not be exactly where you’d like to be, but through daily interrupting of that egoic pattern of being unsatisfied, we can condition our minds to focus on the very fact that we are all miracles, in that we are alive and experiencing life as it is right now. To know that and to sense that fully is to become awake to the here and now, to experience the present moment in all of its majesty and wonder, which you are not just part of, but are too at the very depth of your soul.