Ok, so you wish to become a Life Coach too? I had an email asking if I could speak with someone who was thinking of setting up as one, so because I am busy and value my time, experience and expertise but also wish to help others, here is my permanent open email reply which I’ve made a blog out of so you (as well as she) can have all of this information and advice for free.

If you’d like to get to where I am, or at least be one of the masses of practitioners out there who actually make a living from this work (I’d say about 98% who train in all of the various courses never do) – here are 10 key pointers…

1 · Be willing to work masses of hours a week “for free” to begin with as what you put in, you will get out – even if there is quite a gap in time in you actually starting to make a living from it. Setting up a website, video making, or online marketing on top of free consultations etc etc etc These all take huge amounts of time and energy for no direct income. I started in 2006 part-time in my evenings and weekends and I made very little money in the first 2-3 years, I think it actually took me 4 years to break even after all of my training, but I steadily gained more knowledge and experience each year as I developed and transformed as my own confidence grew through practicing all of the techniques and methodology I use with clients. Remember the process of transformation is much more important than what processes you used, for yourself – and for your clients. Getting results with others and building upon that success is key. I was eventually able to cut down on my day job to doing this more after I’d established myself, and after 8 years I became full-time. Having tenacity, as well as a will and a desire to really wish to make a positive difference in others lives will get you through… For me, this work was a calling and I wasn’t ever giving up, my heart kept overcoming my head. This is how all truly magical transformations occur in my belief.

2 · “Work” from your heart – I can easily be sat at the computer doing bits and pieces very late into the night or a weekend editing videos, writing articles or blogs, or making notes for video making for my YouTube channel which gets me international clients. Other than actually seeing clients I do something everyday either in marketing, emails, taking free consultations, research, working on my book etc plus much more. You should always be mindful about working smarter and not harder, constantly fine-tuning how you work. A lot of this depends on your Enneatype personality, are you a very driven individual, or are you more security minded, or do you have a propensity for needing to be in control? This will be married with your own issues/unconscious blocks. This is now my 14th year (in 2020), and it’s still a labour of love. Know that it’s very possible to grow beyond 1-2-1 sessions and earn much more through courses, seminars, workshops, books, online downloads as you develop and gain experience and expertise. It has been said that if you want to master anything you must be prepared to put in at least 10,000 hours. So just put the time, money and energy into it and something positive will always fruition.

3 · Take action, from whether that’s the moment you decide to embark on a course or training, to how you are going to be marketing yourself. It doesn’t matter what that course is or the action of marketing is, and be it a large or small step… A step is all that you need to take. This work is a pure extension of myself and I love it, so the action is most usually heart based and something I enjoy speaking or writing about. The amount of action depends on my mood or energy or time restraints on that particular day. Many things that have worked for others in terms of marketing haven’t worked for me, and I know that if others did what I did they’d equally not be successful. It’s about finding your own truth, your own path and that has to be trodden and experienced. Remember there are no mistakes – there are only “learnings.” You’ll eventually find your way… You certainly won’t get anywhere doing nothing! So just do SOMETHING. Take action.

4 · Be prepared to be flexible and work unsociable hours, I see many evening clients overseas online, as well as some early morning professionals in the UK or Europe (they are mostly an hour ahead of us). International Skype clients come mainly from America and Canada but are also up and down the UK, Europe and Australia. I’ve worked in China, Korea, Hawaii, so do be prepared to do irregular working hours! They are sometimes often all over my working day from as early as 7.30am, to a 10pm finish, because of the international time zones.

5 · Be willing to take risks and think outside of the box, and most importantly dare to be YOU! Authenticity brings greater rewards than deceit, that road is a hard one to break if the foundations to your business and “self” are based on fear. You’ll always be “chasing” work. Being authentic actually “attracts” clients to you like a magnet. There’s enough BS in the world already. Do everything you can from love, with love and in love. Trust that LOVE always wins…

6 · What’s your unique selling point? What makes you different to the others? I have been doing Enneagram Mentoring for many years now and lots of people contact me about that after a recommendation from a friend or family member as it’s so eye-opening and accurate regarding our psychology and personal neurosis that they open up to others about our sessions. I have masses of video and written testimonials now from people who’ve said that just that alone has massively benefited them and will continue to do for the rest of their life. It’s what perhaps makes me stand out from the rest as I do that as well as Hypnotherapy, NLP, Life Coaching, EFT and many, many other things…

7 · Forget about what’s in it for you – if you’re embarking on this because you think it’s a great way of making lots of money quickly, stop reading this right now and go away and do something else instead. It can be really tough work. It’ll occasionally challenge you to your core. I’ve met all kinds of people in this personal development industry, from housewives and retired engineers who do it part-time, to multi-millionaires who are household names who are very much full-time. I honestly think everyone who’s been successful in this work has got into it because of their passion for making a difference in others lives – and thus in the world. Make that your priority, and lose your egoic agenda about it, and paradoxically the money will come. Make happiness your new definition of the nominalisation “success” – and let go.

8 · I’ve found it can be fine to give away free tips and advice, even your best work… Prospective clients can then think “if I get this for free, what will I get if I actually paid for sessions?” and during those sessions you always get specific and deeply into a personal limitation or challenge where a video just can’t. In making my videos also to some extent people can see me work and how I work. They can discern whether I am someone who can be trusted and help them. Giving away juicy information you may have worked hard for, and paid good money for, can change others lives for free, but remember it also sows a positive seed in their mind that you’ve already helped them. So focus on helping others as much as you can, whilst valuing yourself too. Always look at what you charge and get an answer from your head, your heart, and your gut, and then strike a balance from all 3…

9 · Testimonials are a wonderful way to show to others the shifts that are possible. Some who are really pleased with the results will gladly be filmed, others will do it off camera but offer their voice, and these days videos are even better than written ones, if I’d done this back in 2006 when I started I’d have literally hundreds and hundreds. I only started doing video testimonials in 2014. I have even been going back to clients 12 months after seeing them too and getting new testimonials to prove that this style of coaching, mentoring and therapy REALLY works and once those old beliefs that mostly are to do with fear, pain, hurt, sadness, guilt, shame and anger have completely gone – the video testimonials prove this produces profound, long term, permanent and positive change.

10 · Work on your own issues – a lot! By doing so you’ll be able to shine as brightly as you dare, the brighter the better! You need to stand out and prove how these techniques and tools are transformational. Why? Because people look to you, to see the person that they would wish to become. But reflect back to them it’s just about taking away all of those negative limiting beliefs that can remain stuck within the unconscious,  so that once you let go of them using these skills – the AUTHENTIC SELF shows up. In doing that understand you will become a 24/7 walking and talking billboard, marketing team, finance director, chairman and CEO instantaneously through having a more empowered psychology.

Lastly, I coach others to boost their already established coaching practice, just as much as to those who are about to set up. So if you’re interested I’d be willing to mentor you each month or bi-monthly to make it more affordable.

Welcome to the world of being a Life Coach!

Very best wishes, Daniel