If you take small steps as opposed to large ones, which most believe must be taken in order to really create change, you really can still change your life – by one small step at a time. Would you believe, I was once terrified of making videos and having to speak in front of the camera? Especially when knowing that its very action would then require me to upload it to YouTube or Facebook! The uncertainties that such an act could create filled me with such dread, the criticism and judgement from others that could come, the shame and rejection I could face… Oh the list was endless. It wasn’t a phobia, but it was a very high fear and produced much unconscious resistance. I would have classed it as about 9¬∑5 out of 10. It was such an intense fearful feeling and although a part of me wanted to do it, another massive part was extremely resistant!

So after clarifying that it was an outcome I wanted to manifest, I set about using all of these tools on those fears and had a number of Coaching sessions on it, which I had from another fellow Coach and Therapist in America over Skype. We had been swapping sessions for some time and had built up a great deal of rapport and trust between each other. The resulting 90 second video is what you see before you. The agreement, resolution and unconscious compromise that was eventually reached deep down was the part of me that was afraid of creating it and then uploading it, was allowed to have complete and utter final say on whether or not it could be uploaded or not. And the other part that wanted to create a video got to create as many as it liked but had to ultimately 100% respect what the other part said. It had to be in total and utter agreement with that decision, as it wasn’t working by itself for it itself, just as much as the other part wasn’t working by itself for itself either. They were both working for ME! So they were ultimately part of ONE, a whole, and not separate. Thus the internal conflict and inner fight no longer needed to continue anymore…

It may seem crazy to some that I would have such an irrational fear doing something so simple, but this was back in the summer of 2011 and although I had conquered so many other fears, destructive behaviours and habits and journeyed so far and treated many, many hundreds of clients at that point, I was still a human being and a work in progress, just like every other evolving person on this planet.

I set my “Clearly Defined Outcome” (a neccesary component with any manifestation through the Law Of Attraction or Goal Setting) to produce just one video on Coaching. I didn’t set a date when this needed to be done by, I respected the part that was afraid to the point that I resolved that it didn’t even need to uploaded. The part that was still a little resistant sabotaged it somewhat by wearing just jeans and T-Shirt, but hell – I was making this for the bin, right?! My T-Shirt which says “Keep Calm, Rock On” I thought was relatively apt being that I’m a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist and a Musician! But it was produced purely on the grounds that this was a Test Video and nothing else. I wasn’t even thinking about uploading it… I was creating it out of the love of being finally “allowed” to create one.

Within a week of creating it after some fun editing it in iMovie on my new iMac, I did a little more work on myself and took the next step of uploading it to my old YouTube Channel after the resistant part gave clearance for another step to be taken. I continued to honour that part and thanked it for being so courageous and trusting, I listened to it and promised to continue to listen to it. If it decided at any point it didn’t want the video out there in the public eye anymore, I would either take it down or change it to being an Unlisted Video, thus only allowing people with the link to see it. Some 18 months on, the video is still very much on its Public setting and has had over 1,600 views. The part that was afraid has retreated so far back now these days, instead it is carefully appraising all of what I do much more quietly in the background. It is there making sure I am safe and to not allow anything foolish to happen to me but ultimately it is allowing me to grow and move forward in so many other areas of my life now – which is fabulous and one which I am profoundly grateful for!

I launched my own YouTube Coaching Channel last year, about 10 months on from that first video which has now received over 14,000 views worldwide to date, and I continue to make more videos and will be uploading some new ones on there very soon. Please feel free to subscribe to it at www.YouTube.Com/DanielHillCoaching and watch this space!

Whatever your outcome, make it bright and as vivid as possible, hear all of the sounds you wish to hear as well as all of the feelings. When you have immersed yourself long enough in that outcome, take action, regardless of how small you think those steps may be. Action will create momentum, and momentum will keep you moving… Keep taking your steps ūüôā

With love ‚ô•