The Hero’s Journey or Monomyth is a widely distributed pattern that is found in many narratives from around the world. It was conceived by the inspiring Joesph Campbell (1904-1987), who was a very successful author and mythologist and coined the popular phrases “Follow your bliss” and “The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek” amongst many others. The Monomyth was first described by him in his book The Hero With A Thousand Faces (1949). In the 7 and half years since 2006 whilst I’ve been practicing as an EFT and NLP Life Coach, Enneagram Mentor and Clinical Hypnotherapist, except for the clients who come for reducing nerves before an interview, test or a medical procedure or are wanting to overcome a specific fear or phobia, the majority are going through the stages of what is known as The Hero’s Journey.

Occasionally some clients are yet to start their journey and having one session with me becomes part of their “Call To Adventure” or “Call To Action”, for others I become their Mentor and Coach as they have already begun to explore and they remain periodically with me for some time as they journey towards, through and then out of their “dark night of the soul” as something (or occasionally everything) falls apart around them. This may concern their relationships, health, finances, businesses, family and they feel they literally face death in the face – which I did many times on my path.

But although it feels so life threatening at times, as anxiety is the only thing that becomes experienced in the here and now because wherever you look or turn to there appears nothing but a rock and hard place to cushion your fall, it is actually just your ego and your personality believing that it cannot bear what it is having to endure or will endure if any action is taken. But as I had EFT, NLP Coaching and Clinical Hypnotherapy myself and then qualified in it also, I began to work my way out of it and through understanding my Enneagram type and its egoic propensity, in going to its opposite tendency and becoming more and more self aware, loving and kind to myself I took my steps and got through it.

I coach others now to journey through their own new conscious awakening and self-realisation by always inviting them to continue to “be” with the “un-being” as I call it and move forward regardless, however incrementally in the tiniest of baby steps, whilst loving yourself in every possible understanding of the phrase – and through the nurturing of your soul and spirit YOU WILL get through it. Knowing you are just one who is treading the well beaten path that billions before you have also journeyed on too, allays some of the loneliness that is felt on the journey. But you can never be alone if you truly love yourself. You become your very own best friend.

Every popular story that has ever been written most usually has this theme embedded into the very core of its tale. From The Shawshank Redemption to The Matrix, The Wizard of Oz to Avatar, Star Wars to The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter to The Lion King – our Hero or Heroine goes through a number of distinct stages of psychological and spiritual growth to become more of who they truly are and were born to be. Keep the faith. Stay Strong. Trust. Help is always available.