The Law of Attraction is always working, it always has been and always will be. Almost everything in our lives is pulled towards us by the very vibration that we hold within. That vibration comes from our emotional feelings, which in turn come from our thoughts, which originate from our beliefs. Hence when we change our limiting and often fearful beliefs at a cellular level, we begin to vibrate differently and if we are vibrating less fearfully then we vibrate at higher levels of frequency. Like attracts like; thus fear attracts more fear, anger attracts more anger, love attracts more love and peace attracts more peace.

On some level most people already know about this but just cannot articulate it or comprehend it enough, instead they are caught in seemingly endless loops of unconscious conditioning. What I experienced both personally years ago and what I see with clients is that most people have tried to change it – and failed, or are still getting poor results. They will then say things like, “Oh The Law of Attraction just doesn’t work for me” or “I’ve tried”, or even “I was doing so well and then everything came crashing down around me and this latest disaster happened”. The reason behind these statements and general feelings is that the majority of the world attempt to change consciously. Although I applaud and approve of this as there are so many wonderful tools, methods and things we can do consciously to raise our vibration, however nothing beats Coaching and Therapy to change those hard-wired beliefs at an unconscious level. You cannot outperform your unconscious mind. It’s as simple as that. You need to gain rapport with it so you can take the next step.

So in essence and put very succinctly, whatever we are vibrating at an unconscious and conscious level we are drawing into our lives, and whatever those manifestations are, be they “good” or “bad” we must take responsibility for and be grateful for as they are always opportunities that offer us psychological, soulful and spiritual growth. To keep moving forward and towards experiencing our true inner power and greatness which exists in the antithesis of fear, pure unconditional love – is the only way to be.

Gandhi said “Be the change you want to see in the world”; so “Be” the best you can be…