What on earth does this mean? Well, it relates to the power of belief systems, our unconscious core beliefs about ourselves and the world are either loving, joyful, abundant and peaceful ones or they are selfish, depressing, limiting and fearful. The majority of humanity flit between both of those states and the healthy ones of us are much more in the former states rather than the latter, whether we are conscious of it or not.

The correlation between stress and disease has been noted by many in medicine for centuries, probably millennia. Stress though is just a codeword for fear. One of the reasons for it not being widely understood and filtered through into our consciousness is because General Practitioners have maybe only 5-10 minutes maximum with you at a standard appointment and also the Pharmaceutical Industry is in business to make profit and sell products. You need fixing, the Doctor is there to fix you and here’s the remedy. Next patient please. Of course this is grossly oversimplified and if you are seriously unwell then you will and should be sent for the necessary procedures and to see Specialists, but Doctors are well aware of the Stress and thus Depression epidemic in the increasingly more fast paced modern world and they are not time rich, what they are rich in is Pharmaceutical products and their knowledge of particular ones being used best for particular symptoms and disease. The figures for individual’s being on Anti-Depressants to cure both of these modern “ailments”, namely Stress and Depression is on the increase and has been doing so for years. “Anti-Depressant prescribing has risen nearly 400% since 1988, according to data from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in the USA. More than 1 in 10 Americans over the age of 12 now takes an Anti-Depressant”. (Healthland Time Article).

This consciousness of “we must rely on the Big Pharma to stay happy and well” filters its understanding into Doctors from an early age as they study medicine and then when they are in practice an alliance is developed. Then when you go to your General Practitioner with an ailment one of the many Pharmaceutical prescriptions will be administered and you go away happier as you now have seen your Doctor and are now armed with something that will help you to become more well and conquer (or at the very least begin to battle this imbalance inside of you and begin to declare war on) the malady or dis-ease – please pay particular attention to why I hyphenated it!

My Uncle was a Doctor of Opthalmology for years before becoming a Professor at a Specialist Hospital and so I have an understanding of how the system works from the inside. I am not against the Pharmaceutical Industry but also I’m not for them either. I think everything’s in its own time and place and everything’s exactly where it needs to be. There was no drug given to me by any Doctor that ever made my symptoms any better, thus I write from the perspective of someone who has immersed themselves in how to heal yourself in alternative ways with spectacular results after modelling others who had also done so. I am just always interested in the seeking of truth and answers and looking for positive measurement and results, regardless of what occurred or didn’t occur whether that be in conventional or “alternative” methodology and treatment. If someone overcomes a limitation or reaches a goal that seemed impossible then I am always highly interested, whatever field that is. I like to call myself a lifelong and continuing student of excellence who will be forever learning and absorbing all I can from such people.

It’s how I recovered from Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Iritis, Reiter’s Syndrome and other Auto-Immune Disease that was riddled inside of me and had been for much longer than 16 years. It was my Professor of Opthalmology Uncle who told me I will have Iritis for the rest of life and have to take Steroids each and every time I have a flare up back in 2004 when I was bed and wheelchair bound for a month with chronic complications going on internally also. I haven’t had a flare up of Iritis in my eyes since 2008 and the last time it happened I spent 30 minutes doing EFT and NLP on myself about what it was that I didn’t like “seeing” in my life and awoke the next day with it being significantly less and by the following day it was completely gone and hasn’t returned since. That’s not to say that it won’t ever but if it did it would be as a result of my unconscious being in a fearful state about what it was currently seeing and what it believed it would be continuing to see in its immediate and long term future.

The acute dip in my already fairly poor health, subsequently developed into chronic suicidal depression after being hospitalised for a month back in 2004. My left knee-cap had ballooned to being twice the size of the right, my left hand had become nothing more than just a useless claw (no more guitar playing I thought), my toes had seized up, my fingers had become painful, I had a crippled left shoulder, arm and the whites of my eyes had turned to bloodshot red. I had pain in nearly all of my joints and all of my muscles had debilitating fatigue culminating into my very poor psychological state where I became very, very near to shuffling off this mortal coil as no explanation was being offered to why I was so ill and thus I had developed a general belief of “my body is failing me”. So after a number of months I felt “I’ve had enough of this – I’m out of here”… But fortunately and very luckily I survived and the days that followed I just kept breathing, kept learning and kept being more open as much as I could which was nigh impossible to begin with back then. But small steps and small moves was I all I could do and frankly it’s all I’ve ever done to create the happiness and health I feel today.

When we’re in stress and running our often very hard wired and deeply fearful patterning the first thing that becomes compromised is our Immune System. So with Auto-Immune Disorders as a Therapist and a Coach I am always looking to assist in radically changing an individual’s unconscious perspective about themselves and the world so they can become increasingly more open, trusting and relaxed and thus considerably less fearful and so out of stress. In the last 6 years whilst working on close to a thousand clients I have assisted with a whole host of individual’s suffering from Auto-Immune Disease and I see these chronically fearful and limiting beliefs time and time again which have been developed from either trauma or limiting conditioning (very often parental).

The second thing that gets affected in our bodies with ongoing stress through our limiting beliefs is our Digestive System. As a result I have seen and treated successfully hundreds of people locally, nationally and internationally with anything from Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Bloating to Colitis using the tools available to me such as EFT, NLP, Hypnosis and Coaching using my expertise from my professional as well as my personal life, thus being able to access more resourceful states so they can thus manifest better health and ultimately find more happiness too.

Life is for living. Life is for experiencing. The majority who aren’t ill don’t do that, because they are unconsciously trapped in their own limiting beliefs. What disease does offer us is the chance to face them and challenge them, because if we do, we not only are able to feel more freedom than we ever have before – but the great pay off is the health we feel we truly deserve and the treasure that we are seeking that can only ever be found within.