Tiger Woods is most definitely a Type 3 “Achiever” on The Enneagram. His seriousness and sheer mental toughness for being so focused on winning gave him 14 Majors wins, yet it also compromised his marriage and personal life. His extra marital dalliances were no doubt “stress reliefs” to the enormous pressure that went with being perhaps the most recognised sportsman (let alone golfer) on the planet at the time. The pressure is still clearly there as is the media hype. For a guy who was once idolised by millions, it has been an incredibly challenging few years, first the shame, then the complete breakdown in form. His last outing ended in injury and at the tournament before, he carded his lowest score ever. Once ranked no.1 for years, he is now placed at a lowly 111. Can he ever conjure his form from a decade ago? Only discipline, dedication and determination will tell. What is certain is that he really will have “worked his ass off” as he says he has for a whole month for this years Masters at the legendary course in Augusta, Georgia.

There was a time when he was unbeatable. Bookies even offered odds for those who would come second with a special abbreviation which literally meant “Win without Woods” being that it was so likely he would win each and every time, there was more money being put on who would come second. Like Michael Schumacher, another Enneagram Type 3, the dream of a return to form, to recapture the glory years will highly motivate him, but like Michael he was a shadow of his former self no matter how hard he tried. After all father time catches up on us all.

But golf is not G force inducing motor racing, and with the “almost win” of the British Open in 2009 by the 59 year old Tom Watson, Tiger has many a year left in him to pull off the comeback of all comebacks. He has expressed his desire to eclipse Jack Nicklaus’s 18 professional Major wins, but it was over 7 years ago now that he reached his 14th Major at the 2008 U.S Open. And it was exactly 10 years ago that he last won The Masters.

Can he do it? Well odds-wise there are 15 other professionals with shorter odds than Tiger. But as an Enneatype 3, his desire is in no doubt. How much he has done on his mental game and whether he can flow like he used to, only he and his coach will know that from this Thursday. As a fan I hope he returns to form, if not this year, then certainly again in his career. The world awaits…