Change has to be one of the most daunting, exciting, confusing, liberating, fearful as well as opportunistic experiences that we all go through as human beings. The majority of the world’s problems are down to the simple fact that most people are too afraid to change and let go of their past conditioning and traumas and refuse to listen to their hearts and intuition. But change is always being offered to us; whether we move with those changes that life presents us is down to our ability to trust life and overcome our fears.

But if we can we begin to flow and bend with life more and more it will always offer us greater and greater manifestations. So whether those happen for us in personal terms as regards to our own health and happiness or in the world at large, which of course contributes to the consciousness of humanity, we liberate others by overcoming our own anxieties and thus become more peaceful and loving instead which has its own impact globally, through each and every person, by each and every person…

Most of us are trapped in old, unwanted and limiting unconscious programming. There are two reasons for this, one is the negative experiences we have endured (“traumas”), which the unconscious mind is now aware of and is thus constantly working hard to protect us from ever experiencing again. The second reason is from the environments we have endured through parenting, schooling, religion, peer groups etc have done so much to condition our thinking and behaviour. Whoever and whatever that has impacted upon you either consciously or unconsciously – both positively and negatively.

Traditional therapy means to treat these limiting beliefs through the use of consciously talking about it. The majority of what I do works at addressing those unconscious issues at an unconscious level, using unconscious tools and methods. Time for a change?