Your unconscious mind is exceedingly powerful… So, so much more than your rational conscious mind. Those in medicine, science or traditional therapy may say the unconscious is responsible for 90% of our behaviour and operating, others perhaps a little more and perhaps as much as 95% or even 98%… But personally in my opinion, with my experience and knowledge and understanding, I think what we can do consciously is such a fraction of what our unconscious mind can do for us or could do for us (being that I believe we’re still in such an early part of our human development) that I would go as far to say that it could be as much as 99.9 or 99.99%%.

It operates literally all of our functioning whether we are awake or asleep. It beats our heart, grows us new skin, even new organs, it takes care of our blinking and our breathing, it grows us new hair, new finger and toe nails, it digests all of our food and takes the vitamins and nutrients from it, and then passes the waste out through our colon. It protects us from danger when we cross the road, it makes us dodge out of they way without thinking if an object came hurtling towards us, it gives us the strength to do super human acts such as mothers lifting cars of children that have been run over and stuck under the wheels, it sometimes allows us to have spontaneous and miraculous healings if we have been in a diseased state for some time. Actually if I were to write down all that it did for us in fine detail, I could be here for the remainder of my life because if I was to be so infinitely accurate about all of what it does it would go into billions of things. And it does all of these wonderful, life-saving and amazing things EACH and EVERY SECOND of our lives. It requires no thought, it just does all of this all by itself without us having to give it any thought whatsoever. Basically it keeps us alive and protects us as best it can from pain and moves us towards pleasure – BUT only with the current resources it has within its current understanding.

What does that mean? Well quite simply this understanding is based upon our past, and by this I mean the pleasurable just as as much as the traumatic experiences it has sensed throughout its life. This is also coupled with the loving, abundant and bountiful and/or very limiting, fearful and controlling conditioning it has has experienced ever since it was downloading information in the womb, at birth, in early childhood, in late childhood, in its teenage years and young adulthood and then adulthood. It takes until you reach approximately 12 years old to fully become conscious. Up to that point you’re basically in a similar state to hypnosis as you’re so receptive to what it is you are sensing within you and around you, as you are constantly and continually downloading information about the universe and your personal environment, yourself and what you can and cannot do as much as what you should and should not do. You are a product of your environment. Everyone is. Until you want to change it that is and challenge those unconscious limiting beliefs and thus begin to move forward with greater ease, self-love, self-worth and inner power and overcome those obstacles and become more of the you which you truly are.

That is where I step in and have done so with close to a thousand people as I currently write this in 2012 both locally, nationally and globally since 2006. I continue to work on myself, and have had to do so to regain my health after chronically suffering for over 16 years with major disease and depression. Without doing so I wouldn’t have become the person who writes these words and who is having this experience of being a therapist and coach whilst continuing to expand the possibilities that are within me just as they are within you. The future is full of infinite possibilities if you wish to change your unconscious mind…