I first became acquainted with the Enneagram in 2006 whilst I was studying on Harley Street in London at The Optimum Health Clinic created by Alex Howard, for my Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Life Coaching and Clinical Hypnotherapy qualification, which cost just shy of £6,000 to fully complete at the time. It was part of the year long syllabus, and it offered me an introduction to the Nine Personality Types. I found it utterly fascinating to be able to begin to understand others motivations just as much as my own, and my love, further education and wisdom with it deepened over time as I gradually began to use to within sessions with my clients.

Now many years on, and having seen well over 2,000 clients to date either locally in person, or nationally and globally over Skype, I have been able to deduce Enneatypes swiftly – and thus mentoring clients regarding their type and assisting them towards peace is one of the greatest and most rewarding aspects of my work. The main benefits of having mentoring is that it assists you in understanding yourself which then leads you to deeper levels of self-acceptance and even love for yourself, as well as it being an opportunity for psychological and spiritual growth. It guides and then teaches us that in going towards our opposite egoic tendency, we find liberation and positive transformation, therefore instead looking within for what is we feel we are lacking, as opposed to being unconsciously addicted to our default egoic propensity to seek either love and approval, security or control outside of ourselves. A highly useful resource and very simple insight into it called “The Enneagram of Personality” can found by clicking on its blue name which takes you to its Wikipedia page.

How Does Knowing Your Enneagram Type Help You?

The Real Wisdom Of The Enneagram Is To Evolve Your Type

The Enneagram

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The Enneagram And Compassion · Authentic You Media · 6th August 2013

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Holy Enneagram

The Enneagram ~ An Indepth Interview · Roatan Radio, Honduras · 30th August 2012

This video series is a 55 minute long talk that discusses the Enneagram which defines nine particular personality types based around the three needs of the ego, namely the need for control, security and that which seeks love/approval. I talk of how I help clients to discover their own Enneatype in their sessions with me which leads to a greater understanding of themselves, increased self-awareness and ultimately more self-acceptance and peace as we work through their inner unconscious cravings and I assist them in moving towards their opposite tendency.

How Do I Find My Enneagram Type? · An Enneagram Typing “Skype” Session With A U.S Client

And Finally… Russell Brand Mentions Daniel Hill And The Enneagram On Air

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