When I’m helping people with weight loss, eliminating or at least radically reducing the emotional feeling of “shame” is always one of the major issues we work on their “Peace List”. The top emotional issues with people who are overweight are most usually sadness, which is usually followed by fear. Emotional eating is the biggest issue, they are simply tranquilising their negative feelings with food as opposed to other choices.

I have worked with hundreds of clients in 8 and half years who have come to me to specifically to lose weight. So professionally speaking here are the 5 most common patterns of emotional issues that I have recognised in regards to their excess emotional eating and lack of exercise:

  1. Sadness · They either feel stuck in a relationship or a job or neither and are eating their way to happiness and peace – except of course that will simply never work. So I coach them to manifest this in their life and get them to take action after reducing the emotionally intensity of doing so using EFT and NLP. I will sometimes use Clinical Hypnotherapy too sometimes and often do a little Enneagram Mentoring too, so that they become aware of their ego and how it causes them to be in pain and what they can do practically to get into balance daily. Even if the action is incremental, in tiny, bitesize steps. You have to start someplace and some action is better than no action.
  2. Fear · Whilst some people turn to drink, smoking or drug use (both illegal and pharmaceutical legal), others may meditate, do T’ai Chi or Yoga, exercise, or listen to hypnosis or relaxation recordings. We all have a way of dealing with stress in our lives and stress is just a codeword for Fear. Again all that I practice reduces the intensity of fear and gives someone tools to be able know what to do to get out of that fear brain.
  3. Anger · This may be towards a partner or family members they have to deal with regularly or simply society in general. Tapping on the side of the eye in EFT is excellent for this as is reading up on Enneatype Ones who often are plagued with anger issues throughout their life time in their pursuit for perfection.
  4. Guilt · The clients who have come to see me have always been is some form of emotional overwhelm, guilt is a common feeling regarding something that is happening now, or something that happened in the past. In EFT the index finger is a good one to tap on to relieve those feelings.
  5. Shame · Like guilt this can be to do with the past and the present. And often like guilt this isn’t the primary emotional cause behind eating too much and not exercising enough, however they are usually always prevalent. Tapping under the lip again using EFT is the point that is linked to shame. You can watch me work here using EFT and NLP on a client with this specific issue and relief soon comes.

This BBC News article on Weight Loss talks of how shame can actually lead others to gain weight and not lose it, that’s because most usually they are emotionally eating in the first place. Quite simply I address any emotion at an unconscious level using all of these unconscious tools so they can feel more happy and at ease with themselves. When you’re happy and at peace, you don’t need to tranquilise anything.