There are close to 80 testimonials here, which from 2,000 clients since 2006 is a good ratio. Each was kindly offered as an act of gratitude for the positive transformation they experienced, and that they are still continuing to experience. All of which I was truly humbled to accept…

Generalised and Social Anxiety Recovery

through Mastering Psychology and Emotional Well-Being

“When I first contacted Daniel I didn’t know what to expect, I’d been looking for some help with my anxiety issues, a paranoid tendency to things and life in general really and got drawn to him. I actually thought I might be “Schizophrenic” and had booked an appointment to see my G.P. But once I’d read his website, watched some of his videos, and had spoken to him in a “Free 20 min Consultation” I knew it was the route I wanted to take. I knew before my first session began that I wanted to book for the “Five Session Package” and after the first one I had no doubt this could actually help me. I had seen a counsellor in the past but it hadn’t help one bit. What he does is different and I have been blown away by what has happened to me in just five sessions over five months.

He is not only an amazing therapist but also an amazing person as it’s his “approachability” and genuine interest in helping you, that gives you that extra push to assist in understanding yourself and overcome your troubles. In just the second session using EFT and NLP he helped me to let go of past hurt that I didn’t even know was there, I let go of guilt and shame and began to love and understand myself and my actions more than ever before. EFT is a technique that I’d never heard of (nor NLP or the Enneagram) but after the first session I felt compelled to understand all of them further and have been using EFT several times a day to overcome all types of emotional problems that have arisen recently and also to help me achieve more from my life. I am also learning so much about my personality too and what I can do to evolve the negative parts of it. I know I haven’t even begun to learn what can actually be achieved with all I’ve been given, but what I do know is without Daniel none of this would have been possible. The man is a genius, and I’m so glad I found the strength to face my fears and the determination to give myself the best life possible in going through with paying for just one package of sessions. I recommend him to anyone and everyone and will do for many years to come. Thank you for all your help and I can’t wait to see what happens next.” (Once single, living off anxiety, sad and alone ~ now significantly more at peace, happily married and with two lovely children!)

Dona, Worcestershire, England

Social Anxiety Recovery and Manifesting a Life Partner

through Mastering Psychology

“I originally came to see Daniel to help me with my issues around self-esteem and my confidence in social situations. And although we did EFT, the biggest thing for me was learning about the Enneagram. It validated all of the things I was feeling and that this was normal for me as an Enneatype 4 with a 5 wing. It helped me to understand what I’m like which led to my self acceptance and gave me new-found confidence. I am now in a relationship with someone I love very much and am now a father to my new-born son, something I never ever thought was once possible.”

Matt, Birmingham, England

Generalised Anxiety Recovery

through Mastering Psychology and Emotional Well-Being

“The first thing that I was introduced to when working with Daniel was the Enneagram, and I found it so helpful because for so long I questioned why I was the way that I was and here suddenly was a road map to a greater mastery of my mind. The feeling I get from having understood my own Enneatype, along with Daniel’s expertise as a mentor in helping me to grow and evolve within my personality is really so profound. I now feel so much more peace day to day and am much more relaxed. I feel so much more comfortable in my body, and I just don’t have that driving anxiousness I used to once have.

He also helped me work through a list of my issues which I’d written down as a ‘Peace List’ where I’d rated them out of 10 (10 being the highest) in emotional intensity. These were current issues, future worries, as well as issues from the past – which my mind just couldn’t let go of. With Daniel’s coaching using EFT and another technique he gave me a private video link to (along with working on myself in between sessions, as Daniel had advised) these are all now incredibly low – 2’s and 1’s. They are hardly bothering me at all which is pretty incredible. We worked on one issue that had been with me for so long in a session, and in the end all I could do was laugh about it. Thank you Daniel, I am looking forward to working with you in the future as if I got this far in 5 sessions feeling that bad, it is exciting thinking about how far I could go from this place where I am feeling this good!”

John, California, U.S.A

Making A Massive Life Change through Mastering Psychology

through Mastering Psychology and Emotional Well-Being

“I came to see Daniel to look for answers and guidance about where my life was going and what I was doing. I had almost committed to making a massive decision as I had sold my property and was prepared to go travelling around the world, but I was just having second thoughts and wanted to understand myself more before I was totally and fully committed to what I wished to do. Daniel helped me to know and understand myself through his mentoring using the Enneagram and this led to a shift in my awareness as it helped me to feel my way as to what was going on and accept myself for my personality. I became more happy with being the “Observer” and through Daniel’s assistance balanced that out with observing in such a way that suited my character which allowed me to move forward. Thank you Daniel for all of your help, guidance and positivity.”

Jamie, Shrewsbury, England

Ulcerative Colitis Recovery

through Mastering Psychology and Emotional Well-Being

“I was coming to the end of my work as I knew it and I’d had 2 failed relationships. It was all time to really stop and open a new door and step through it – but I was so scared and that’s where you helped me. I was just ploughing on and getting myself into a hole and vortex that I couldn’t get out of. I’d been off work near enough a year with stress-related Ulcerative Colitis. I was getting angrier and angrier and more frustrated and just “stressing”. Nobody at work or at home knew what I was going through. When I saw you first on Skype, I wasn’t sure what to expect, and you were so relaxed, you were so confident, you knew what you were doing. We worked on unconscious issues I was still holding that dealt with my first and second husbands, along with the death of my father and the fear of quitting my old job. I’m now in a new job that I love and I’ve had no symptoms and I can visualise you in my mind if I start getting warning signs and I can nip that in the bud. I’ve worked on the stress levels and I think that’s been one of the main things. I’ve come such a long way in the last 2 years since we had our first session. When you know your Enneagram Type you can actually address your own problems. Thank you so much, Daniel, I wouldn’t have done it without you. You not only gave me back my life, you positively changed my life forever x”

Jayne, Leicestershire, England

Overcoming Worst Case Scenario Thinking and Continuous Worrying

through Mastering Psychology and Emotional Well-Being

“I’ve been studying the Enneagram for the last few years as well as NLP but something in me needed to get to that next step and deactivate my mind chatter as it had started getting heavy again. Doing EFT with you opened up my other senses, it was like my body was aware of the energy around me and it made me aware of how my mind mentally blocked out everything. Now I feel more of a “groundedness” and a whole lot better – regarding my gut reactions I feel more power coming up and coming out. Thank you Daniel.”

Blake, Louisiana, U.S.A

IVF Success

through Mastering Psychology and Emotional Well-Being

6 Month Follow-Up Update : “I’ve got some fantastic news! I’m 9 weeks pregnant with a due date of June 20th! We’d been trying for 4 years and had 2 failed IVF attempts costing £4,000 a time and finally after 4 months of sessions with you (two Five Session Packages), it happened. I know a lot of my deep unconscious fears and worries and long standing guilt were removed with the EFT and NLP in our sessions and I know that made all the difference as it changed my physiology and my body started working again for me. I’m excited, happy and looking forward to being a Mom! So thank you so much for all your help. I’m still tapping which helps and should I feel the need for further sessions in going forward, you know I will definitely contact you but I’m really doing ok now. Thank you and bless you for the work you do.”

12 Month Update : “Hi Daniel, hope all’s good with you. Just to let you know I have given birth to a baby boy. ******* appeared on Saturday 21st June after only 2hrs 20mins in active labour!! That is not common for 1st time Mums!! It’s normally 10-18hrs!! I did have some pain relief as I had to have a forceps delivery and had an episiotomy but between the gas and air and epidural I was happy, comfortable, relaxed and truly enjoyed the whole process! Both me and baby are doing fine. He is healthy, happy and a very content baby and I am happier than I’ve ever been. I love him so much and get this – I can’t wait to do it all again!!”

Alison, Worcestershire, England

Weight Loss and Resolving Past Issues and Traumas

through Mastering Psychology and Emotional Well-Being

“Daniel is an outstanding Therapist and Coach. He has helped me to face a great deal of my issues and resolve them within a Five Session Package. He assisted me in feeling confident enough to be able to deal with my past and clear all the fear and anger I had struggled with for over 3 years and helped me to bring focus and control to my life. He also introduced me to the Enneagram so I could understand myself and my personality better which helped me to accept and love myself for who I am. Thanks to his help and guidance I have changed my life completely and taken action where before I was so stuck, comfort eating and very unhappy. I am continuing with another Five Session Package but only because it was so transformational and I feel I would “benefit” from them, where as before I really “needed” them. Thank you Daniel.”

J, Kidderminster, England

 Emetophobia (Vomiting Phobia) and Generalised/Social Anxiety Recovery

through Mastering Psychology and Emotional Well-Being

“Chris got significantly better with you within two sessions. He had CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) through the NHS which didn’t work at all, and this is the only thing that has worked and it’s fantastic. It’s a brilliant treatment and I wish everybody that suffered with anxiety could get it.”

Sue G, Worcestershire, England (Chris G’s Mum heard in the video from 6:06 onwards)

Driving Phobia and Generalised Anxiety Recovery

through Mastering Psychology and Emotional Well-Being

“As part of my job I was daily driving over 300-350 miles a day. Driving was something I loved doing as I’d also participated in all aspects of motorsport. Then one day down in Exeter in the south of England I became ill, and after driving a short while I felt I was going to black out. So I pulled over at the services and had to be driven home – then my world literally fell apart… What had happened was that I’d developed a really bad chest infection which had made me so ill that my reaction to it had triggered chronic anxiety which left me unable to work for many weeks wondering what I could do. Going to Head Office the 27 mile distance suddenly felt like driving a 1,000 miles. So I came to see Daniel after he’d successfully treated my son for anxiety (see above video) and I thought I’d benefit too. Thank you Daniel for giving me my life back. A lot of people are quite skeptical about these sorts of treatments, but it really does get your mind to think in a positive way – and it is really powerful.”

Kevin G, Worcestershire, England (the father of Chris G, the young man who I successfully treated for Emetophobia – Vomiting Phobia – and Generalised and Social Anxiety Recovery above)

Bipolar Recovery

through Mastering Psychology and Emotional Well-Being

“I’m so glad you taught me about my Enneatype and wing(s). It explains a lot, and has helped me endure temporary discomfort learning that you have to face emotions and problems on an unconscious level and release them in order to overcome them. My usual response would be to shut safely down and quit coming to therapy, which is what I’ve done my entire life. Then I’d try to go it alone and depend on Psych Meds and sometimes endure unpleasant side effects while falling deeper into depression and anxiety and eventually almost complete shut down with occasional brief semi recoveries. Its been a vicious cycle for years. If we hadn’t had that Enneatype talk on our second session I doubt I’d still be seeing you, and that would have been too bad for me.

But since I know you know how to help me because of knowing my Enneatype I feel so safe while we are working together and that has helped immensely, to finally have a therapist I trust. I think everyone should know their Enneatype and every therapist should work with their clients with this understanding. The true labeling in psychology and therapy comes from being stigmatized with a mental disorder, such as Bipolar or Depression or Schizophrenia or other personality disorders, etc. I do understand the reasons for it, but recovery for some is considered impossible and therefore you may be stuck with that label even after you get better. Thank you for all the help you have given me.”

Miss P, New Mexico, U.S.A

Generalised and Social Anxiety Recovery

through Mastering Psychology and Emotional Well-Being

“I’d suffered from anxiety for years. I got to the stage where I didn’t want to go out and my motivation had gone, I found Daniel through watching various videos on the way he treated people. After reading his website, intuitively I knew this was the man that was going to help me. He’s a very relaxed approach to his work and was someone I felt I had a rapport with. I made a 640 mile round trip to see him at his office in Worcestershire where I had 5 hours over 2 days and reduced my anxiety levels quite dramatically and shifted some other deeper issues using NLP and EFT. He also mentored me on my Enneatype 6/5 personality (the same as him) which is why I’d that gut feeling to see him and no-one else. I was so surprised that by understanding your personality you can change your behaviour. I walked out of his office floating on a cloud and a much calmer person than when I arrived. I’d recommend Daniel and his therapies and his style of working to anyone who may have a problem. He’s a lovely man.”

Ellie, Scotland

Flying Fear Gone

through a “One Hour Breakthrough Session”

“I’m actually feeling relatively ok about flying now thanks Dan. I know I could see you again for another session to lower any remaining nervous feelings even further or bust it for good, but I am remembering to remember like you said in the session in hypnosis! I feel a kind of calm excitement and the suitcases have come down from the loft which they have never done before – as that’s just sent me into overwhelm before!?! It actually feels like I can really get there now rather than it being just a possibility! Thanks so much x”

Jenny, West Midlands, England

Overcoming Generalised Anxiety Recovery

through Mastering Psychology and Emotional Well-Being

“Amazing, there’s been such a transformation within only just 4 sessions. I’m a lot more confident now, my mind has become a lot more quiet and I’m starting to listen to myself a lot more and trust my intuition and instinct..”

Chermaine, Birmingham, England

Separation Angst Recovery and Stopping Smoking

through Mastering Emotional Well-Being

“When I first came to see you I was going through a separation which was the main cause and losing contact with the kids, my ex-partner was being really awkward and was being really poisonous. You have helped me to conquer lots of things to do with my children and how I deal with things and I think there’s been a big change in me with how I take what’s thrown at me and what comes along. All of the things – like your (EFT) tapping, it’s addictive, but it’s a different, better addiction. It’s hard to say how, but it’s like you’ve put systems inside or helped me develop things that cope with certain things that happen to me in life, whether it be work, how I am about myself, my own self-confidence has changed, belief in myself, it’s been good. I just cope with it all a lot better than I did.”

F, Worcestershire, England

Hospital Phobia Cure and an Unconscious Past Trauma Release

through a “Two Hour Breakthrough Session”

“Hi Daniel, I just wanted to say a big thank you for today. My partner has to have a breathing machine for sleep apnea and he dropped it off at the hospital yesterday and they phoned me today to say it needed picking up. I phoned him on my way to see you to tell him to collect it. When I came out of yours I called him and he had not fetched it. So I decided to test the progress and went myself.

Quite frankly it was amazing. The only reason my heart rate was increased was because I walked the long way round to get to the department for the exercise. It was like going in with very different glasses on. Weird, exciting, calm and I realised that I had stopped seeing hospital workers as people. That’s how it felt. So many, many thanks for that, it’s now very, very manageable.”

Julie, Birmingham, England

Bulimia Recovery

through Mastering Psychology and Emotional Well-Being

“I had anorexia initially which became Bulimia and a Binge Eating Disorder alternately for 26 years. I developed Social Anxiety which lasted around the same amount of time. I was depressed and suicidal also. I underwent numerous therapeutic interventions along with anti-depressant medications. I was a patient at the Woodbourne Priory Hospital for my eating disorders and attended The Linden Method residential, along with many other therapies over the years including; EFT, Hypnosis, Counselling, Life Coaching, Spiritual Healing, Reiki, Psychiatric Counselling etc. Nothing worked long term or short term. I spent an absolute fortune looking for answers. Suffice to say, circumstances meant I had to resolve my eating disorder quickly and found Daniel on the internet and booked his Five Session Package to begin with.

I learned that food was not my issue, but that I had been tranquillising my emotions to deal with life. I used to self harm but had since replaced that with food. I made a “Peace List” as he suggested and we began to work through those life long issues to create more ease in my life. Within the first few sessions I had stopped binging on food. After that I found I didn’t feel hungry, stopped weighing myself, starting eating whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted and found I was losing weight and was wearing size 6/8 size clothes and I was not even dieting or exercising! I now eat more than I ever have and have a daily slice of cake with cream every afternoon and it has no bearing on my weight and it does not lead to binging. A miracle in itself! I then decided to continue having more sessions with Daniel after that package of sessions and we dealt with various issues as and when they arose. I actually found myself saying to Daniel at one session that I didn’t think my Social Anxiety was ever really that big an issue! The work he had done with me was so powerful that I couldn’t recall what it used to feel like to be so socially phobic.

There was one huge dark cloud hanging over me that caused me terrible guilt and embarrassment and I had only ever told one therapist about it in the past and that too only in writing as I could not bring myself to disclose this dark secret that haunted me. I had no intention of telling Daniel but somehow whilst he was doing a mix of EFT, NLP and Clinical Hypnotherapy on me in one particular session and asking me questions to help resolve how I was feeling, this secret came up and with his gentle, caring, unique approach I found myself telling him out loud what I could never tell anyone before! He didn’t judge, criticise or make me feel bad, or blame me, he helped me love and accept myself more than I ever had and understand what actually happened. Since that day I’ve felt calmer, happier, more free and at peace in the way I did as a child. It was so liberating and it has has a knock on effect in every area of my life.

I will continue to work with Daniel as and when I need to, as he has greatly assisted me in moving forward so much already. If anyone is stuck, or has issues they cannot shift no matter how many therapists or coaches they may have seen, I would wholeheartedly recommend Daniel. He has a unique and powerful way of working that gets to the core of the issue quickly and you do feel the results straight away. He changed my life and I will always be grateful to him for that and the work he does.”

Alison, Worcestershire, England

From Feeling Incapable and Incompetent to Balance, Understanding and Engaging

through Mastering Psychology and Emotional Well-Being

“The Five Session Package I had with Daniel was really eye-opening and particularly deep. Regarding his Enneagram Mentoring – it is extremely accurate, in fact scarily accurate. Being mentored on my personality helped me to balance things out better in life, and it helped me to understand where I was and where I needed to move towards. It also helped me to step back and see things from a different perspective. I now know I don’t have to know everything, it had been a huge issue with my personality my whole life. You have to use the Enneagram as a tool and look at it as something which helps you to understand yourself so you can grow beyond your ego.”

Steve, Ohio, U.S.A

Despair and Lethargy to Happiness, Energy and Understanding Personality

through Mastering Psychology

“I was in the depths of despair, I didn’t know what to do (or) where to go with what life was presenting me and it was very uncomfortable. I now feel I have got my life back on track and I feel exceptionally energised and happier within, it’s transformational. My awareness has opened and I understand why I was where I was and why I was feeling the way I was feeling. Learning about the different Enneagram personality types and even more so, learning about me (and my own type), has helped me make that transformation. I would certainly say pick up the phone and give it a go because you won’t be disappointed.”

B, Worcestershire, England

From Feeling “Mad” To Self-Nourished and Supported

through Mastering Psychology

“I was always looking outside of myself instead of looking within and being still ~ thinking that in the next thing I was going to find “it”. It’s been a release, a revelation. It’s very nourishing. I feel like I’ve come home. I feel supported. This is going to take me further to peace. If you’re ready to find your true essence, and to connect to your real joy – I would recommend anyone to working with you.”

Sue, Worcestershire, England

 Taking Blood Pressure Phobia Recovery

through a “One and a Half Hour Breakthrough Session”

“Thank you so much for yesterday’s appointment Daniel, my whole mind feels completely re-framed around taking my blood pressure. It’s now a real measure of how better I can get in health, as I won’t be so anxious about seeing negative results. My whole outlook on my heath has shifted and taking my blood pressure now is 1/10 in emotional intensity – so barely noticeable. I know with your support, I can work towards becoming even healthier. Feeling so calm about taking my blood pressure has never happened since I’ve had to start doing it in the last 5 years. You’re such a blessing.”
Julie, Birmingham, England

Hypnobirthing Success and Anxiety Elimination

through a “One Hour Breakthrough Session”

“I was so scared I was thinking a cesarean would be better, whereas now when I think about it – I can’t wait to go into labour! Before I came to you all I could imagine were tears and tantrums – and willing the baby to stay in there forever… There is now no fear, I’m looking forward to it and I couldn’t say that before. I’d freeze up at the thought of it and start crying, it was just completely irrational. But now – BRING IT ON!”

1 Month Update After Birth : “Hi Daniel, hope all’s good with you. Just to let you know I have given birth to a baby boy. ******* appeared on Saturday 21st June after only 2hrs 20mins in active labour!! That is not common for 1st time Mums!! It’s normally 10-18hrs!! I did have some pain relief as I had to have a forceps delivery and had an episiotomy but between the gas and air and epidural I was happy, comfortable, relaxed and truly enjoyed the whole process! Both me and baby are doing fine. He is healthy, happy and a very content baby and I am happier than I’ve ever been. I love him so much and get this – I can’t wait to do it all again!!”

Alison, Worcestershire, England

Busting Through Stress and Resolving Issues from the Past

through Mastering Emotional Well-Being

“EFT is nothing short of miraculous as it gets results where other tools can’t and in my opinion I’d call you an EFT Master! Thank you so much Daniel, you have helped me to resolve an issue that had been plaguing me for years.”
Staci Backauskas, GSH Radio Presenter, Florida, U.S.A

Team Building Day Using NLP and Self Development Skills

through NLP Coaching

“Although you work mostly with individuals what you did worked really well in the group and it translates really well”. “You have a calming persona”. “I have some tools to take back now and reflect on, they feel more veritable now”. “I feel you created a safe space for people to try these tools”. “I liked the EFT.”

Anonymous Charity Organisation, West Midlands, England

Chronic IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), Anxiety Recovery and Mastering Psychology

“I came across Daniel’s website when I was searching for an NLP specialist on Google. I am a 40 year old male who had been suffering for over 2 decades from chronic IBS-D (with diarrhea) as well as high generalised anxiety. I have been working with Daniel for over 18 months now. What immediately attracted me to him was his flexibility to be able to have sessions with me via Skype, as due to my condition I was unable to attend distant sessions in person. I picked up the phone and called Daniel and immediately felt comfortable speaking to him. I have previously spoken to NLP, Hypnotherapist and CBT specialists in the past and they generally only spare you 60 seconds on the phone. Their immediate interest is to book a first chargeable session and they tend to ensure that before they discuss your problems, that they have started the clock for charging.  Daniel was different – he gave me 20 minutes free of charge on the phone and spent this time getting to know me and my condition.

I felt finally there was someone there who would listen to me. He didn’t try and sell himself on the phone or talk about money – rather he spent the time asking about me. Naturally one is apprehensive about any “alternative” medicine or methods, but he made me feel comfortable. He also didn’t promise a quick fix. He explained that we both would have to commit to this.

So we had our first session and I was very nervous and anxious – Daniel explained the tools he uses and also introduced me to something called EFT. Here was another acronym I thought, and apprehension again immediately kicked in because I did not believe that I could just “tap certain parts of my body”, and be healed. However after our first tapping session I felt my anxiety had reduced significantly and now I started to believe that this method could work. Before I started having sessions with him, I could not even drive to the local newsagent to buy a pint of milk without feeling immense almost disabling anxiety. Over the sessions we’ve had, my anxiety has reduced significantly by about 70-80% – which for me since I had it for so long is quite remarkable and absolutely liberating.

Another plus point about Daniel is that he introduces you to other specialist’s work without feeling overly protective. He advised me to listen to a particular Hypnotherapist – Glenn Harrold – in my private time by buying his mp3’s online. This has also helped me to daily relax and increased my well-being.

I was then introduced to something I had never heard of before and this was the Enneagram – this is pretty much life changing… You get to realise the positive and negative aspects of your personality and also other people’s personalities, and how this can work towards a better understanding of relationships at home, amongst friends, as well as in business etc..

Another important point that was destroying me from within before meeting him was that I was upset because I couldn’t do X, Y and Z in my life. My social life had come to a complete standstill and Daniel helped me to understand and help me in overcoming this. He simply told me, I was on the road to “healing” and these things take time. Something so simple was life changing for me.

Through the work we have done over the past 18 months, we have deduced that my IBS is very much linked to the present stresses and challenges of my life and the current beliefs I have within my unconscious mind about myself and the outside world. So now Daniel is helping me to further develop and improve these aspects, in my business as well as my family life.

People are often apprehensive about Hypnotherapy – it is often portrayed that someone takes control of your mind and even within some religious circles, clerics say that Hypnotherapy controls your mind. My experience of this is quite the opposite. Your mind is not controlled in sessions. It’s rather that with the way of life we have been accustomed to, our minds almost need to be de-hypnotised – so we can experience our natural state of inner peace. Something that was long missing from my life.

I can only share my experience with those who are experiencing “disease.” I was frustrated as I couldn’t find a way to cure my problems, but after working with Daniel I feel I am more than just on the road to a full recovery, I can sense it edging nearer with every session with him as I am significantly improved and I often forget how bad I actually once was.

I do not “need” to have sessions with Daniel anymore, but I continue with them because I still feel I greatly “benefit” from them. I don’t regard him as a “Therapist.” I think of him as my Mentor or Guru. Someone who assists me in overcoming the problems I have had with my health and other areas of my life so that I can continue to develop into a healthy and happy human being. Don’t just think about the money – yes you have to pay for the sessions, but see them as an investment for a better future. A lot of us are prepared to pay for private health care or a visit to the Dentist. You have to see this as private heart and mind care.

Mr P, London, England

Flying Phobia Cure and Mastering Psychology and Emotional Well-Being

“Hi Daniel, yes, I b****y did it!!  Thanks for your message!! I have been meaning to email you for a while, but didn’t seem to be able to start and find the right words, because I really can’t thank you enough for how you have helped me – not just with flying but with everything! I don’t know what happened on that last Session, but it was like everything suddenly seemed to make more sense, and I had a strong feeling of acceptance.  Accepting the fear, rather than hating it and trying to fight it was a huge shift, and has really changed how I see things.

The flight out was I think the best flight I’ve had in terms of coping with the fear. Yes I was scared, and there were a few moments where I genuinely didn’t think I could do it, but I did!! I did EFT and tapped (a lot!) and it reduced the fear quite significantly. In fact, my husband did it with me as well, and he is a convert! He was genuinely amazed with how relaxed it made him feel.  Coming home, for some reason I was more anxious, but as you can see from the photo, a nice chat with the captain in the cockpit worked wonders!!

My husband has also commented how I generally seem to be a lot calmer these days, and I definitely feel it too – thank you so so much for all the work you’ve done with me. I may well feel that I need more Sessions in the future and I’m sure I’ve got a long way to go, but for now I’m so much happier being me and I never thought I’d say that!! Thanks again.

Samantha, West Midlands, England

IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) Improvement through Mastering Psychology and Emotional Well-Being

“Morning Daniel, I just wanted to say thank you for helping me. I’ve realised that I’ve made a lot of changes in a very short time and expect to do them all perfectly and when I can’t, I get frustrated with myself. I’m sticking with your suggestion of only applying myself to do things to a level 3/10 I’m in fear in the future to create the momentum you suggested and seeing how that goes. I really appreciate you sharing your life experiences with me. I know some of them are very personal, but it helps me to realise that those I look up to and ask for help from, have also found things difficult in the past and I’m human after all and need to be kinder to myself. By the way, I manifested my business dreams last night. I was quite definite in my desires and insistent with the universe of what I would love to draw to me and what I expected them to bring! Daniel, thank you for encouraging me to put my hand in the can of worms in my head and not letting me cut myself. Have a great day and see you soon. Kindest regards.”

Kellie, Birmingham, England

Panic Attacks and Social Anxiety Recovery through Mastering Psychology and Emotional Well-Being

“10 years of panic attacks had become the bone of my life. After having 10 sessions with Daniel he taught me to accept who I really am by me understanding my personality on the Enneagram and with EFT and NLP Coaching helped me to get over all of the unnecessary worrying about all the insignificant things in my life. Life is much more peaceful.”

Hayley, West Midlands, England

Flying Phobia Cure and Mastering Emotional Well-Being

“Daniel has the heart and expertise to help his clients reach their personal goals. He’s one of those special people who honestly wants you to achieve results. If you have the pleasure to work with him, enjoy every minute and you will feel and see success each and every visit. Anybody who associates themselves with him, will be rewarded many times over. It is doable…. I’ve done it… and I’m cured! Thanks Dan.”

Em, Worcestershire, England

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Improvement and Mastering Psychology

“Dan has helped me to gain an infinitely greater understanding of how I became ill, getting down to the root causes and what I most need to work on to overcome Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (C.F.S/M.E). It had taken me many years of trial and error before this with limited results, but he has helped me to refocus clearly on the real causes and solutions, teaching me helpful strategies and tools that make all the difference. It is a long journey for me that Dan has greatly shortened with his in-depth knowledge of the illness and how he overcame his own health challenges. A full recovery is now in sight for me, which is very different than when I first started getting help from him, going from a feeling of stress and overwhelm into more peace and taking positive action. I also believe anything can be cured naturally with a holistic approach, I also want to say that You were the person that really opened my eyes to what is possible and how to really heal, the guidance and understanding/realisations you shared with me are Invaluable! Although I have been spending considerable time investigating since then as I love to do, all it has done was to confirm and reaffirm everything you had shared, I am still on my recovery journey, but in truth you are the biggest contributor to my healing & learning journey without any exaggeration, I think all of this speaks a lot about you as a healer and a teacher.”

Jason, Sligo, Ireland

Lift/Elevator Phobia Cure through a “One Hour Breakthrough Session”

“Daniel Hill, thank you so much, life really will never be the same again. I recommend anyone to have just one session with the man, you’ve only got that to lose and everything to gain. Thank you.”

K, Birmingham, England

Multiple Sclerosis Improvement and Mastering Psychology

“I have been a client of Daniel’s for 2 years as I was diagnosed with M.S (Multiple Sclerosis) in 2008 and was inspired to recover after reading Dermot O’Connor’s book “The Healing Code” who overcame the condition himself. Daniel has patiently, kindly but firmly worked at changing my inner subconscious programming regarding recovery and also the beliefs which I firmly believe caused me to develop the illness from my chronically dysfunctional upbringing, exacerbated by 3 stressful years travelling the world in my line of work.

We started with his Five Session Package and in honesty the results were marginal and slow to begin with, but I saw sense in it and where it was heading and was drawn to return to him and invest further into the work we were doing and we eventually began to have a session a month which for me became quite a affordable. I use the word ‘invest’ as it has been such as things begin to shift within me and my healing accelerated. I would have paid thousands to be instantly cured, but I realise this is not possible, yet Daniel has given me the belief and hope that my recovery is within me and I have steadily and slowly seen change. My specialist is baffled as not only did my symptoms not get any worse since we started working together, many of them have in fact reversed. Although I have relayed that I have been working with Daniel using his EFT, NLP and Enneagram Mentoring tools – his response was “some people do occasionally go into remission for no specific reason”. I think he is wrong and am now of the firm belief that the mind can heal the body and what the nature of dis-ease is, that being un-ease within the unconscious mind. I can’t thank Daniel enough and I have been recommending him to family and friends ever since. I look forward to our sessions in the future.”

B, Cardiff, Wales

Bereavement Recovery and Mastering Psychology

“I booked the Five Session Package with Daniel via Skype from England to Miami, Florida, and I am so pleased with the results! I was not familiar with EFT, NLP or the Enneagram before my sessions, but had been hearing some the terms mentioned by various acquaintances. I was suffering from very low energy levels, and slight depression following the death of a friend. Daniel was so genuine in his desire to help, and made me feel so comfortable, that even though the technique seemed strange at first, I decided to try. I physically felt shifts happening in my body during the first session, as well as a lifting of fear and doubt that had been weighing on me. As the sessions progressed, I couldn’t wait to tell Daniel all the positive things that were happening in my life as a result of the positive changes with my new beliefs. It is true what they say about the Law of Attraction because it is happening so beautifully for me now! My friends and family noticed a difference as well, and just today, during a phone conversation, a friend remarked, “Wow, your voice sounds different, you sound really happy!” Daniel, you are a gifted, genuine and remarkable therapist, mentor and coach, and I am so grateful that I was divinely guided to stumble upon your video on the Mexican beach and then your website. Thank you for doing what you do, and please keep doing it!”

A, Miami, Florida, USA

Depression Recovery and Mastering Psychology

“I am so grateful to Daniel for his patient, kind and measured approach to helping me to find peace in my life. I had Psychotherapy for almost 5 years often weekly, yet he has helped me move further forward than I ever have in 5 months. From the first session until the tenth I felt cared for and nurtured, each time developing a new and greater awareness of myself, my beliefs, my personality and the world at large. I found Daniel randomly through one his videos on YouTube on The Enneagram, and his Mentoring alone concerning my Enneatype has been like a breath of fresh air as I am no longer questioning why I behave the way that I do now and I have so much more mastery over my mind, my personality and my tendencies.

He is extraordinarily gifted and I cannot recommend him highly enough. With his help also using EFT and NLP (again which I hadn’t heard of) to release some very long-standing and deep seated memories from my childhood and my early adult life I am now facing my future with more confidence, self-awareness, self-acceptance, peace and love in my heart. Thank you Daniel, keep doing all that you are doing.”

Erin, Illinois, USA

Generalised Anxiety Recovery and Mastering Psychology

“After just one session with Dan I felt a great relief, I was relaxed and ‘neutral’ about the problems I’d been having at work. Dan has worked with me before over a fear I had in regards to allowing my daughter go on a trip that I felt was potentially dangerous. By the end of that session, I was happy to let her go and have fun. I will be seeing Dan for more EFT and NLP Coaching sessions in the future for other issues I have and I’d like my children to have a few also. It works. What else can I say?! Thanks so much for the session yesterday.”

N, Worcestershire, England

Bipolar Improvement and Mastering Psychology

“It was a bit of a difficult session for me last time, but you’re the only one who has really understood and accepted me for who I am, not trying to fix what I now understand is essentially my personality, tearfulness and all. That means a lot to me, someone who lets me be with my emotions without being uncomfortable, as my tearfulness makes everyone around me uncomfortable and want to fix me. I realize how important it really is to understand our Enneatypes, and especially when we’re stressed so we can work towards whatever it is we need to get ourselves better, which I now know for me is to experience Emotional Balance. Thank you for the mentoring to do that. I also wanted to say thank you for helping me to get over the car wreck trauma with EFT and NLP, they are practically magic! I really look forward to working with you again soon.”

D, New Mexico, U.S.A

Letting Go of the Past and Mastering Psychology

“Dear Daniel, maybe it’s just a coincidence but I’ve had this ‘thing’ following me (literally standing behind me from time to time) for such a long while now – and it’s like it’s finally been exorcised. I can’t feel it anymore since seeing you on Friday. It feels quite beautiful now.”

J, Worcestershire, England

Ulcerative Colitis Recovery and Mastering Psychology

“I appreciate this opportunity to express my heartfelt appreciation to Daniel for his help. I knew very little about EFT and nothing at all about NLP when I first met him.  With the conditions I had, I was not sure how these practices would help me, but from the 1st to the 10th session, Daniel made me feel comfortable and confident that things could change and they have. He was patient and kind with my measured approach to life as he explained techniques and set me on a journey of healing and discovery.  My life will never be the same. He is skilled, talented and professional, but in addition to that, he is an inspiration.  He gives continual support and encouragement.  It shows in his countenance just how much he loves the work he does and takes great joy in helping people. Trust in his abilities. Changes can be amazing. Peace can come. I would have no hesitation in recommending him.”

W, Worcestershire, England

Bereavement Recovery and New Outlook On Life through Mastering Emotional Well-Being

“After my brothers death, I struggled on for several months, trying to make sense of what was happening to me.  Then fate brought us together and within a matter of weeks, Dan turned my life around. I did not believe that therapy would help me, but I was at my wits end, and after talking to Dan, finding that he had discovered everything he has learned from his own experience, not just from text books, I very nervously booked an appointment. Wow! Not only have I overcome the problems I faced after my brother’s death, but I have totally changed my outlook on life, living for the moment instead of wishing my life away, I have become a much better person which has meant that in turn, really great things have started to happen to me. Dan was an essential part of my recovery, now he is my luxury item, guiding me through my development into a far more well rounded person who can communicate and interact far better with people both at home and at work. I have always been skeptical reading this sort of gushing approval as I always believe they are a little exaggerated!  But this is straight from the heart, I have found myself recommending Dan to lots of people and talking about feelings and emotions – something that believe me never happened before.”

T, Worcestershire, England

Depression Recovery and Mastering Psychology

“I am honoured to write this testimonial for Daniel. He is a lovely young man who has an extraordinary ability of getting into the psyche of people he hasn’t even met or hardly knows. He has helped me so much and I thoroughly recommend him to anyone and have been doing so. If you think you can’t change or you’re too broken then welcome to how I used to feel. It did take 10 sessions but I am a totally different person to how I used to think and feel less than 4 months ago. Put your trust and faith in him and you won’t be disappointed.”

Brenda, West Midlands, England

P.T.S.D, Social and Generalised Anxiety Recovery through Mastering Psychology and Emotional Well-Being

“I am a cynic – it is my nature, so normally I don’t take to reading such glowing testimonials but I am finding myself writing one for Dan. I have seen quite a number of counsellors over the years for what had been ongoing deeply psychological childhood issues. Using a mix of all that he is proficient at using he has assisted me in overcoming a huge deal of what I would call ‘unshiftable’ trauma through conditioning I experienced as well as traumatic experiences I endured. We are not complete in our work together but I found myself writing this, this evening because I am finally feeling free of a number of huge issues and wanted to thank him. Tears are in my eyes. He suggested that as well as writing an update to him I could express how I felt in a testimonial also. So here it is. Daniel wears his heart on his sleeve and what you see, is what you get. I can’t rate him highly enough, he’s professional and thorough and really wants to do well for you. Try it, you can only regret not ever going and all it will have cost you is the price of good night out, but if you go I can promise you, your life will become more possible and you’ll soon be looking forward to having more good nights out instead.”

Graham, Shropshire, England

Panic Attacks and Social Anxiety Recovery through Mastering Psychology

“I saw Dan because I suffered from nerves when being put in a new situation which I found hard to deal with. I also lacked a bit of self confidence, especially as I doubted my inner strength. But after having a course of sessions with him, I feel able to cope with new places and new people, as I now have techniques to use if I should need them. However, I’m finding now that generally I don’t need to use EFT or NLP techniques shown to me, because my confidence has really grown and I now feel a large and significant part of my family and workplaces. So thank you very much Dan, quite literally I couldn’t have done it without you!”

D, Worcestershire, England

Bereavement and Chronic Stress Recovery through Mastering Emotional Well-Being

“I came to see Daniel suffering from chronic stress as a result of a bereavement that I couldn’t come to terms with. My life had become virtually impossible as I struggled on by myself. After 3 sessions I really began to feel totally different and that a great weight had been lifted. I had paid for a course of 5 so the last 2 sessions deepened the work we had already done and gave me more of an insight into not only my own ability to heal other parts of me but how I could use what I had learned to help others too in the work that I do.”

B, Worcestershire, England

Stage Performance and Acute Anxiety Recovery

“Dan has helped me banish my old anxieties about competing and performing in front of people. I would always find it hard to sleep the night before a competition. I now sleep well beforehand and as a result I am performing better than I have for a long time. Thank you so much.”

A, Worcestershire, England

Bladder Issues, Social Anxiety and Panic Attack Recovery

“Daniel was recommended through a friend as I had been suffering with all sorts of emotional issues after I was diagnosed with a weak bladder. I’d become scared of doing almost anything out of my routine, as I was terrified of not being able to find a toilet quick enough should I suddenly have felt I needed to go. After just a few sessions I have found I am capable of going out and doing more than I have in some time as I feel calmer about everything. Thank you for giving me my life back.”

E, Shropshire, England

Positive Life Changes through Mastering Psychology and Emotional Well-Being

“Thought I’d mail you Danny to tell you Brian says he thinks he’s got a new woman in his life – me! I’ll see you online for our next session Tuesday to build on my new Inner Power!”

Mary, San Antonio, Texas, USA

Procrastination and Anxiety Recovery through Mastering Psychology

“Daniel Hill is amazingly intuitive, speaks from the heart and really cares about a person’s well-being. I’ve only had 3 sessions so far but I’ve learned so much about myself and why I think the way I do and what I can do to change, it’s not a quick fix but what is in life! It’s about enjoying the journey and doing things that make you HAPPY. There has been a shift in me and I like it because of my willingness to change and the inspiring help from Daniel! He’s worth every single penny, so if you’re going through something in your life and you need a push please, please, please get in touch with Daniel, he’s a beautiful person inside and out, you won’t be disappointed! I will continue my journey with Daniel because it’s not about “can I afford it?”… I can’t afford not to continue developing my true self.

Miss G, Yorkshire, England

Public Speaking Phobia Banished through Mastering Emotional Well-Being

“After seeing Daniel, I was able to speak in public with virtually no anxiety and instead had bags of confidence. I’ve never felt so calm speaking to a crowd of people before! When I contacted him I didn’t really believe in ‘hypnosis’ nor had I heard of NLP, but I was assured that this wasn’t a necessity and felt in capable hands throughout. During the session we never actually did any hypnosis! I don’t know how he did it – but whatever it was it worked!”

I, Worcestershire, England

Panic Attacks and P.T.S.D Recovery through Mastering Psychology

“My panic attacks started years ago after a traumatic period in my life. Quite a number of things happened within a 9 month period and I was diagnosed with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). I’d had panic attacks ever since which had begun to seriously affect my life. Within a few sessions Dan helped me to calm my nervous system down and taught me techniques that have helped me to do things I once believed I simply couldn’t do. I am feeling more relaxed about life than I have in years and would thoroughly recommend him to anyone who’s going through anything similar.”

James, West Midlands, England

Work Stress Recovery and Mastering Psychology

“I’m doing a lot better today Daniel, I have had a few difficult days but I am beginning to feel that this is working and I am determined to stick with it. My sister says she has seen a change in me and I am feeling more and more hopeful with every session we have. I look forward to Friday morning’s appointment.”

Gracia, Spain

Creating Positive Outcomes and Mastering Psychology

“Brilliant session on Monday Dan – feeling so good! Looking forward to next week, so much has happened and can’t wait to tell you!”

Jane, Norfolk, England

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Recovery

“Dan has skillfully helped me remove a number of mental and emotional blocks that were hindering my recovery from a very challenging illness. He has continuously given me invaluable support and encouragement in my healing journey, and thanks in no small part to him, I am now well on the way to a full recovery. I have come into contact with dozens of health practitioners in my search for well-being. Dan has stood out as an exceptionally talented and competent therapist and coach, and a person of the highest integrity.”

F, Swansea, Wales

Positive Life Changes through Mastering Psychology and Emotional Well-Being

“EFT is by far and away one of the most brilliant and effective “tools” anyone has ever taught me to deal with any of the emotional stuff that has gone on in my life. I’d spent years in counselling going over and over the same old issues and although I always felt a little better when I came out of the session, it never really changed anything like it has with Daniel’s help. Things that had been real problems for me that occurred over 20 years ago just aren’t issues anymore. He hasn’t erased the memories, but I simply feel ok about what happened. There’s an acceptance and peace there that simply had never existed before surrounding my past.”

Adam, Kidderminster, England

Insomnia and Generalised Anxiety Recovery

“Dear Daniel, thank you for the fantastic session today, I feel so strong and positive, so amazing! My husband says he is seeing great change in me and I feel it too.”

H, Dorset, England

Overcoming Self-Sabotage and Mastering Psychology

“Thank you Dan, you’ve inspired me to take so much action I hardly recognise myself anymore lol?!”

H, Edinburgh, Scotland

Best Man Wedding Speech Confidence and Overcoming Anxiety

 “Cheers Dan, the wedding went well thanks and I had virtually no nerves when I had to give my speech. I probably could have done with another one before the day but I practiced the techniques and I did it myself on the morning and had it under control which was a huge relief.”

J, Shropshire, England

Positive Life Changes through Mastering Psychology and Emotional Well-Being

“I saw Daniel Hill for 20 sessions over Skype for the breakdown of my marriage as it had effected my competency with my own business and I had begun to lose a lot of confidence in myself and was diagnosed with depression. Using all of his skills he has helped me to see a brighter future for myself, heal many lifelong fears and past hurts which had affected me in my marriage and bust through the blackness that had begun to plague me. I am much more positive about my life these days and am looking forward to my future much more. I thoroughly recommend him. Thank you.”

Olle, Sweden

Sexual Impotence and Anxiety Recovery through Mastering Emotional Well-Being

“Thank you so much for the positive results. It had slipped my mind to come for my last session after cancelling it due to my daughter’s birth but you’ll be pleased to know I don’t feel I need it. All the very best with your business Dan and your future.”

P, West Midlands, England

Overcoming Procrastination and Self-Sabotage to a Better Business Life

“I had been having fair results over the years with a part-time business I had set up but I ultimately wasn’t happy with the level of profit I was making with each month. Dan has helped me to break through a few psychological blocks which I’d had for some time and the result is an increase in my profit for this month and last. I feel more confident than before and as I continue to grow and expand the business I will definitely call upon his services in the future.

Andrew, Peterborough, England

Examination Anxiety Recovery

“Daniel recently helped me to prepare for a performance exam and after just a 2 Hour Breakthrough Session I was able to have a much more positive experience on the exam day. In previous performance situations I would have had a panic level of 10 out of 10. After my session I had a much more controllable level of 3 out of 10. I would have previously lost my focus and been overwhelmed by the fear of possibly performing badly and being judged harshly. I now felt in control. Any mistakes I did make didn’t cause me to panic any more. I was consequently able to keep a clear head and give a good performance on my exam day. Thanks Dan!”

Sarah, Worcestershire, England

Conquering Vomiting Phobia and P.T.S.D Recovery through Mastering Emotional Well-Being

“Hey, I woke up with a feeling that you were going to contact me today, how strange that you have! I’m feeling really good right now, I think back to how I was sometimes before I first came to see you and it’s like it wasn’t even me! I’m still having a few wobbles but nothing major. I’m so grateful to you I really am, thank u Dan 🙂 I’m still EFT Tapping and listening to the audios you recommended. I was watching a film with a friend the other night and someone had been sick in the film and I didn’t even notice!” (A Former Vomiting Phobia Client!)

J, Worcestershire, England

Fellow Professional Recommendation

“Daniel Hill is a warm and engaging practitioner. I received a treatment for my fear of public speaking from Dan which has contributed greatly to my growing confidence in delivering training. He was sensitive to my issues as he took me into a hypnotic state in which I felt very safe with him. I recommend him highly as an extremely competent practitioner.”

Rachel Kent, UKCP registered Psychotherapist, AAMET Advanced EFT practitioner and trainer – Worcestershire, England”

Creating Positive Outcomes and Mastering Psychology

“Daniel is very honest, friendly and open and is unlike many of the other therapists who I have met over the years. I do not wish to go into detail how he has helped me, but I just want to say that he really has and I would highly recommend him to anyone.

P, Birmingham, England

Positive Life Changes through Mastering Psychology and Emotional Well-Being

“I had 35 sessions with Dan over the course of 18 months which have been such an amazing and positive influence towards my change in how I interact with other people and how I accept myself much more than ever before through understanding my Enneagram personality type. I am more trusting than I think I’ve ever been and I’m now optimistic for the future for the first time in my whole life. Not only has he helped to heal parts of me that had been with me for over 25 years, he has given me the tools to be able to handle any of life’s obstacles. I really do think it will last too. He is quite uncanny in his approach but I think that’s what makes him a really good practitioner and life coach. I cannot recommend him highly enough. Thank you very much Sir.”

R, West Midlands, England

Overcoming Self-Sabotage and Mastering Psychology

“Dan is a truly great Life and Business Coach and has helped me turn my business around by getting me to understand how I kept unconsciously sabotaging myself when certain decisions needed to be made and eliminate it. He has helped me to firstly recognise them, and then overcome them with the tools he’s taught me. I consider my sessions with him an incredible investment not only with my business (as they were tax deductible) but also with my personal life.”

G, Worcestershire, England

Flying Phobia Cure and Mastering Psychology

“I now actually enjoy flying on a plane! Yes Dan I know you said I’d be able to say it and mean it, but when I actually did say it I didn’t really believe it would honestly happen to ME! I can now fly feeling really safe and I actually look forward to the adventure each time now!?”

Lisa, Worcestershire, England

Fellow Professional Recommendation

“Dan is an extremely skilled and highly effective Life Coach. His knowledge of hypnosis, EFT, NLP & related fields is superb and he really lives in accordance with the principles he talks about. I recommend him as a professional who achieves great results with his clients and employs honesty & originality in his work.”

Phoebe Alonso (nee Dickens), Chesterfield, England (HPC Registered NHS Counselling Psychologist and owner of PD Development)

Work Stress Recovery and Mastering Psychology

“I had a very fearful and stressful situation to face at work but with absolutely no clue as to how to go about it. After a wonderful session with Daniel I faced the issue head on without fear or panic, and the person I was speaking to stayed as calm as me. Thank you so much I will use the techniques next time if something ever crops up like that. And also I had no idea my personality was such an open book!”

L, Leicestershire, England

Fellow Professional Recommendation

“I worked with Daniel on an issue I had relating to an illness I’d had for around 3 years. He was fantastic. I felt very secure and able to relax knowing I was supported by him, and he was incredibly patient while guiding me to resolve it. He also helped me project some positivity and confidence into the future which I found really made me feel relieved in the knowledge that I now have the strategies and confidence to face these situations myself. I would highly recommend Daniel to anyone, and I will continue to work with him to resolve other issues I have. Thanks again :)”

Kelly M, Glasgow, Scotland

Examination Anxiety Recovery

“Hi Daniel, just a few lines to thank you for helping me get through my exams. I could feel a difference almost straight away. The tapping technique that you showed me helped so much, especially the night before my exams. I felt it gave me an inner confidence & by doing so I felt more peaceful & connected which also allowed me clarity of mind. My results speak for themselves, I had 3 papers & my marks were 85%,87% & 98%. Many thanks once again Daniel – I know it works!

Wendy, Worcestershire, England

Fellow Professional Recommendation

“Dan is a great guy for EFT shares and a very effective Advanced EFT Practitioner. He works on a one-to-one basis and also with groups, where his in-depth knowledge of other approaches such as the Enneagram, NLP and the unconscious mind provide appropriate insights to anyone working towards their own self-knowledge. His personal style gives confidence to beginners with EFT and his encouragement to use the technique between sessions makes a great deal of sense. He also handles people’s emotional releases with great sensitivity and skill.”

Lyz Harvey, Worcs, England (Holistic Counsellor and author of  “The Ripple Effect” & “The Ripples and the Tapestries”)

Fellow Professional Recommendation

“Having encountered Dan on a training course for therapists, I found him very approachable and able to put people at their ease. He is capable and knowledgeable, allowing the client to unfold at their own pace and creating a safe atmosphere in which to heal.”

Linda Lloyd, Homeopath, Buckinghamshire, England (

Domestic Abuse and Anxiety Recovery

“After the break up of my relationship my daughter suffered feelings of abandonment. She is only 2 years old, and for such a little person it is difficult for her to understand and accept the whole situation. I asked Daniel to help her to release some of that fear and anger ‘E’ has. I thought my daughter would be too young to respond to therapy but after about 20 minutes of surrogate EFT tapping she joined in and became very open to expressing her feelings. It was amazing to see her reveal so much of her worries. He has a fantastic approach with children. ‘E’ keeps calling him Man-Boy.”

J, Worcestershire, England

Fellow Professional Recommendation

“Daniel Hill is a very open, honest and transparent spiritual guy who is full of integrity. He is a fantastic therapist and coach. I have personally sampled all of Daniel’s modalities. EFT, NLP, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Matrix Re-imprinting and also his Enneagram Mentoring skills. Daniel is a very knowledgeable EFT and NLP Practitioner and Life Coach whose motivation is to help others. He also continues to advance in the field of energy therapies. I can strongly recommend him.”

Steve, Stoke-on-Trent, England (Bereavement Counsellor and EFT Practitioner)

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Improvement and Mastering Emotional Well-Being

“My experience of Dan is that he is skilled and passionate in his work. I found him to be friendly, human and supportive during our sessions, which were guided with intuition and sensitivity. The work we did proved significantly beneficial in my life and in my journey to recovery from M.E. this past year. Most profoundly the EFT work, where I was able to resolve a long standing emotional issue which at the time had felt “unshiftable” – we managed it in one session! Thank you Dan.”

Abbie, Bristol, England

Fellow Professional Recommendation

“Dan is a natural therapist. I feel easily comfortable to go into deeper issues from my past, feeling confident in being able to heal and let go with his support. I am a therapist myself and would only have sessions with someone I really trust and know to be good, like I do with Dan. I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to make changes in their life, anything from wanting to be happier or to recover from serious disease.”

Frances Goodall Sheffield, England (Cert. Hypnotherapy, NLP, EFT, Bowen and Emmett Technique)

Fellow Professional Recommendation

“Dan is an extremely knowledgeable and effective NLP Coach and EFT Practitioner. He has helped me on an ongoing basis to work on numerous personal and work based issues. Having worked through these blocks with EFT and NLP I’ve been able to make major shifts in my life thanks to Dan’s help and support. He is and continues to be an inspiring therapist and person who works with humility, integrity and humour and I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to make serious changes in their life!”

Alexandra Bacon Derbyshire, England (Counsellor and NLP Coach – Director of Lotus Therapeutics)

Best Man Wedding Speech Confidence and Letting The Past Go

“Dan helped me gain confidence with a best man’s speech I’d been really nervous about. I still had some nerves before I stood up, but when I came to actually doing it something inside of me just went onto auto-pilot and I just absolutely flowed with my words and the jokes were just effortless – I had the guests in stitches! I felt so good straight after it I phoned him to thank him personally. He also helped me to resolve a relationship issue I just couldn’t get over and I was on the point of breaking up with my partner. Although it didn’t go away immediately I did stay with my partner and things became a lot easier. He’s confident in his work, and what he does definitely has more of an impact than just talking about it like counselling had done for me in the past.”

P, Worcestershire, England

Insomnia and Generalised Anxiety Recovery

“After our session I had the best night’s sleep I can remember. Thank you Daniel, I have recommended you to my the rest of the family and a few friends, as I can’t stop talking about you and what you do as I really feel this will work for me.”
G, Worcestershire, England

Regaining Inner Confidence and Mastering Psychology

“I found Daniel to be professional, warm and friendly in his approach to treating my problems, he has helped me greatly over the last five sessions. I would have no problem in recommending him to other people.”

Update : “I just thought I would let you know that for the last three months, I have been studying with a distance learning college to study for a Special Educational Needs Teaching Assistant course for Primary and Special schools. I have now passed the course and I am just waiting for the official certificate to arrive. I’m also doing a five week introduction to sign language course at ********* Library. Many thanks Daniel, I couldn’t have done it without your help. If I need any more help regarding confidence for teaching in schools then I’ll be in touch.”

Mr L, Worcestershire, England

Domestic Abuse, P.T.S.D and Social Anxiety Recovery

“…I was actually nearly moving away from the area, but I am not running away anymore. If he wants to fight he has no idea what he is asking for. It’s amazing how good it feels to finally take control of my life and stop running. I would never have been able to do that without your help. Those sessions with you Daniel have really have changed me. Thank you.”

Miss M, Worcestershire, England

Overcoming Control Issues/Work Anxiety and Mastering Psychology

“Wow – I think our sessions get better and better!  I am really enjoying finding out more about how I tick!  Finding out that I can also see a little bit of how others tick is great too!”

N, West Midlands, England

Daniel Hill · Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Master Practitioner, Advanced EFT Practitioner, Life Coach and Enneagram Mentor providing Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching and Enneagram Mentoring in Kidderminster, Worcestershire, West Midlands, Shropshire, Birmingham, nationally and internationally